Beats Solo HD Drenched On-Ears for $80 (many colors)

The Beats Solo HD Drenched Colors On-Ears are currently on sale for $80 at the Staples website, online only, but they are eligible for free ship-to-store or free shipping. About half the colors are currently out of stock, but their email says the offer is good until 11/26/14, so new supplies may arrive by then. The Drenched colors are not the latest on-ear model (the latest on-ear model is Solo 2).

[DEAD] Tuesday Lightning Deals: Beats Studio Wireless, MEelectronics M-Duo, Senn PX685i Adidas

Tuesday’s offers expired but there will be plenty more during the holidays at the Amazon Gold Box

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Used Audio Technica ATM-M30 for $34

The Audio Technica M30x is the latest model, but if you are more interested in the previous model, the ATM-M30, you can get it the used route, currently going for $34 in “Used – Like New” condition at Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) by AWD actual… These average 4.4 out of 5 based on 2200+ customer reviews over there…

Philips Fidelio X2 goes out of stock [updated]

As of a 2/17/15 recheck, the open-back over-ear Philips Fidelio X2 situation is this: in new condition, it is now back in-stock and ready to ship for $300 at by Amazon actual.

Meanwhile, the used condition is also sold out… However, it is in-stock in “Used – Good condition” for $270 by Amazon Warehouse Deals.

New Shure Mail-Rebates: $50 on SE535, $10 on SE215

If you are okay with doing mail-in rebates, Shure has launched a new mail-in rebate promotion, covering the 11/21/2014 through 1/11/2015 time period. You will get $50 back on the Shure SE-535 (CL, V, LTD-EFS) and $10 back on the SE-215 (K or CL). This is a stock-up type of rebate promotion, it allows up to six SE-535s and up to six SE-215s. The rebates are to be mailed to a processing center in Douglas::Arizona. You can find the earphones and rebates at Headroom and and other participating and authorized Shure dealers.

NAD Viso HP50 for $250 new or $200 used

The NAD Viso HP50 started at the $300 battleground point for over-ear studio-ish headphones. Currently though it is going for $250 in new condition by various sellers at and around $200 Used (depending on condition) at Amazon Warehouse Deals.

[ENDED] Monday Lightning Deals: Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears, Bower & Wilkins P3 refurbs, Bluedio

Today’s round ended, but there should many and more headphone deals during the holidays at the Amazon GoldBox

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HiFiMan RE-400 In-Ears drop to $80

The HiFiMan RE-400 In-Ears have dropped to $80 at various sellers at, including Amazon actual and various others (Hifman’s own Amazon store, WW Stereo, Gramophone, Audio Advisor, etc)… They average 3.9 out of 5 based on 94 customer reviews…

California Headphone Co Silverado Over-Ears for $55

The California Headphone Company Silverado over-ear headphones continue to be on sale for $50, however, the Amazon Warehouses have run out, so they ship directly from the company which charges a $5 flat shipping. In other words, $55 total at These are the ones that do well in reviews, 4.5 out of 5 based on 81 reviews… Their sister model, the Laredo On-Ears go for $25 and ship from Amazon’s warehouses but average 4 out of 5 based on 26 customer reviews.

Koss Pro DJ 200 for $70

The Koss Pro DJ 200 fold-flat studio headphones are currently on sale for $70 with free shipping, in new condition, with a limit of five per shopping cart, at by Amazon actual where they average 4.7 out of 5 based on 31 customer reviews. They have detachable cords (two included, one normal, one smartphone/tablet), and stereo/mono switch, and a carrying case is included. They have 38 ohm impedance.

Black Friday Budget Pick: Sony ZX100 On-Ears for $10

A number of Black Friday circular ads are featuring the Sony ZX-100 closed-back on-ear headphones for $10. They are a solid budget headphone for the price. They will be offered for $10 straight up at Walgreens and Staples and essentially for $10 at Sears (when you factor in the bonus points back through the Sears Rewards program)… They have over 5000 customer reviews at with an average of 4.2 out of 5…

Sears Members Black Friday doorbuster: iLive Bluetooth On-Ears for $50 (get $40 back in Members Points)

If you are a member of the Sears Rewards program and willing to brave the elements of Black Friday madness (which now begins Thursday night), they have a doorbuster promotion on the iLive Bluetooth On-Ear headphones. You buy them for $50 but you receive $40 back in Points. You have to be a member of their rewards program for this. This is model iahb64, and if you want to research it ahead of time, this is the Sears product page.

Also part of the festivities, the basic JLabs JBuds will be on sale for $2.50 in different colors. This is a straight up sale, no points/coupons needed.

Used Sony MDR-Z7 audiophile headphones for $578

The new condition price of the all-new Sony MDR-Z7 is $700 at authorized dealers, but if you want to save some, you can get it for $578 in “Used – Very Good” condition or $590 in “Used – Like New” condition at Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) by AWD actual. As always, and especially for higher priced items like this, make sure you check who the actual seller of the product is over there at AWD (and Amazon).

Used Philips Fidelio X1 for $202

The new Philips Fidelio X2 is now released, so if you are interested in the previous X1 model, perhaps it makes more sense to go the used route, it is going for $202~ in “Used – Acceptable” condition at Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD). Look for AWD as the actual seller.

Sony XBA-H1 In-Ears for $55 refurbished [updated]

The Sony XBA-H1 hybrid 2-way in-ears are currently on sale for $55 manufacturer-refurbished by Secondipity through their eBay store or through their Rakuten store.

UPDATE: the new condition are no longer on sale… in new condition for $100 at Walmart’s website

[DEAD] Used Shure SE112-GR in-ears for $28

As of a 11/30/14 recheck, the price is closer to $40… Curious about Shure’s budget SE112-GR in-ears but don’t want to pay regular price? You can pay almost half price at the moment by going used. You can get them for $28 in “Used – Very Good” condition at Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD), sold by AWD actual. These are the straight up earphones, no mic/remote. (the model with the mic/remote is the Shure SE112m+-GR)… As usual, keep in mind, quantity and prices of used products typically change more often than new condition products… These average 4 out of 5 based on 33 customer reviews (reviews are pooled together between the two models).

Sennheiser HD 205 II for $30

The Senneheiser HD 205 II studio-DJ headphones are now on sale for $30 per pair, with a limit of three per customer at by Amazon actual… Pouch, 1/4″ adapter and the usual 2 year Sennheiser warranty are included… It averages 4 out of 5 based on 94 customer reviews… I am assuming most people are familiar with Amazon’s shipping policies (free 2-day for Prime members or free super saver shipping with a $35+ order for non-Prime members), so I won’t repeat it in every post? If not, please let me know!

[SOLD OUT] Used Shure SRH-1840 for $394 (was $376)

As of a 11/24/14 9:29pm ET recheck, this sold out…

The Shure SRH-1840 open-back over-ear go for $500 in new condition, but right now they are available in “Used – Very Good” condition in original damaged packaging for $394 (was $376) at Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) sold by AWD actual. There’s only one listing under Used at the moment (this one)… Price in blog-post updated 11/24/14 at 12:02am ET…

[DEAD] Beats Solo HD On-Ears (green only) for $100 [limit 3]

This particular offer ended but there are going to be Beats specials left and right, online and offline during the next few days… Expired offer after the break…

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Beyerdynamic DX 120 iE In-Ears for $45

We start the deal party with the Beyerdynamic DX 120 iE in-ears, they are currently going for $45 with free shipping, fully unlocked (lowest price possible) at, which is a members-only website, but everyone can join. I don’t post links to Massdrop because it creates confusion – it only shows the actual product page if you are a member and logged on to your account. Everybody else gets redirected to their home page. The offer ends in about 7 days from today (or earlier if sold out).

PS1: how many people are interested in seeing Massdrop offers mentioned here? Keep in mind, I can only mention each offer once when it goes live. I can’t baby-sit individual offers throughout the week. Let us know in the comments or using the contact form.

PS2: the Menu (black bar on top) and the Sidebar will populate over time as more posts get added.

Welcome to the new Headphone Deals blog

Welcome to our new Headphone Deals blog! This is operating as a sub-domain on our main headphones blog. Here we will feature deals on headphones and related accessories (amps, dacs, cases, etc).

What to Expect

This blog will cover new, refurbished, used, open-box, and everything in-between. New condition items are the default, so it won’t be mentioned in the title or have a WordPress Tag, but it will be mentioned in the blog-post text. Anything that is not new condition will mention its condition (used, refurbished, open-box, etc) in the blog-post title, and in the blog-post text, and it will also have an appropriate WordPress Tag indicating its status.

To prevent wasting space in the blog-post title, we will only mention “+ S&H” if shipping is mandatory for all shoppers. If something has free shipping, or free shipping under some conditions (eg orders over $35 or for Prime members), we won’t mention shipping in the blog-post title to keep things clean. Otherwise every post will have a long and winding title that will clutter things up (even more).

In order to keep things simple and easy, at the moment, for WordPress Tagging purposes, I decided not to divide headphones into open-back and closed-back and in-betweens or over-ear vs on-ear. I may do that in the future, but for now, I want to keep things as simple as possible. Likewise, I won’t create Tags for headphones with or without mic/remote or differentiate between 1-button and 3-button remotes. Again, for the sake of speed and simplicity. If any of these are important enough, please feel free to make a case for them.

I am still trying to figure out on where to draw the line on which headphones to tag as “audiophile”. There are never-ending forum discussions on what on “audiophile”, so it’s tricky business. I may have to write a 5000 word essay in order to explain where I draw the lines 😉

Let us know!

As with every online endeavor, there is always the risk of errors, mistakes, confusion, typos, and the like.

For questions, feedback, ideas, errors, suggestions, problems, and more, please use the online contact form or leave a comment below.