[DEAD] Open-box Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 DAP for $929

The eBay listing for this is over…

Despite the avalanche of smartphones at all price ranges, the mini resurgence of digital audio players continues, and not just at the audiophile tier. There’s action all over the place, including those $28 Prime-eligible chi-fi FLAC players with microSD slot.

This post is not chi-fi though. It’s audiophile-fi. The new condition Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 currently goes for $1200 at authorized Sony USA dealers, but if you want to save some, you can get it in open-box condition for $929 with free shipping by the RazorDog eBay store.

The description says this is an “Owner Demo” with less than one hour of use. Razor is an authorized dealer. But that’s not all. “Make Offer” is NOT enabled on this listing.

This s an Android-powered player.

PS: in terms of blog categorization, if a device can play music, I file it under Digital Audio Player, whether it has a basic DAC/amp or a state of the art super-versatile DAC/amp. If it cannot play music, then I file it under AMPs and DACs. I am resisting temptation to further complicate the categories because there are variations and hybrids and add-ons and modules and things of that nature that can make this more complex and not very user-friendly.