Open-box Noontec Zoro or Zoro HD for $13 with free S&H

Perhaps we have entered “Valentine’s Gift Buying” season because there’s more activity on the deals front. BuyDIG is offering 15% off their Clearance sale items with coupon code CLEAROUT15 until 1/31/18. This sale includes 29 headphones.

If you are looking for a budget closed-back on-ear headphone, as of the time of writing there are three listings of open-box Noontec Zoro On-Ears. The price is $15 with free shipping. Using the coupon CLEAROUT15 drops the price by 15%, making them $12.75 with free shipping. One of the three listings is the Zoro HD, while the other two are the Zoro.

As of the time of writing, there are two units left for the Zoro HD, and 3 and 10 of the two color schemes of the Zoro.

At their time, before the improved Beats Solo 2 came out, these Beats clones were considered by many to be a more decent Beats-style sound than the actual Beats. These are folding headphones. Plenty has been written about them if you are willing to dig into the search engines and the audio forums.