Open-box Hifiman HE-400i Planar Magnetics for $120

Planar temptation! BuyDIG is now offering the open-box HIFIMAN HE400i Special Edition (the dark blue chrome color scheme) for $120 with free shipping and free returns. That’s right $120! This is an open-box closeout sale of the “while supplies last” kind. They are open-back over-ear planar-magnetic headphones. Certainly not a bad price! The biggest risk is Hifiman’s quality control with their headphones falling apart, so keep that in mind [check various audio forums for more on that front].

Under “Package Contents” it says this comes with a 1-year warranty. Further down the product listing there’s also an option for a Mack 3-year extended warranty for $20 more.

Speaking of BuyDIG, they are offering the new condition Teac TN-400S Belt-driven Turntable with S-Shaped Tonearm in the gloss black color scheme for $229 with free shipping until March 3rd. No coupon/rebate needed.