NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/Amp Combo for $60 [MD]

On the portable side of USB DAC/Amps, fully unlocked at Massdrop and running for the next five days and change (from blog-posting date) is the new condition NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/Amp Combo going for $60 with free US shipping. It ships in early February from Massdrop, with all sales final, and no mention of warranty in the listing.

This takes USB audio input, and outputs analog (RCA) and digital (coaxial), along with a headphone output on the front. It is powered by USB, there is no separate power input. Since audio comes from USB as well, this can only be used with sources that output music via USB.

In addition to their “classic drops”, Massdrop is also running a handful of products in a more conventional setting, they ship within a week after purchase. We round those up at our Massdrop Tracker post