Now shipping: the new Sony CH-series of Bluetooth Over/On-Ears

Revealed during Sony’s CES 2018 new product launches, the trio of Sony CH-series headphones are now in-stock and shipping at various dealers as follows:

The closed-back over-ears Sony WH-CH700N is the “leader” of this CH-series with both bluetooth and ANC and NFC [why NFC in headphones?] and 3.5mm playback, and it is going for $198 with free shipping in the black color scheme by World Wide Stereo through Amazon.

The “second in command” is the Sony WH-CH500 Stamina Wireless, a closed on-ear model, going for $78 by DataVision thru Amazon. These do not support 3.5mm playback, no ANC, but they have NFC.

Last and probably least of the trio is the WH-CH400 bluetooth on-ears, going for $58 and available in four different color schemes by various thru Amazon. Just like the one above, no ANC, no 3.5mm audio, but they have NFC.

All these have been added to our New Headphones Tracker

PS: the model names are a pain to type. Marketing teams need to learn that product names and numbers need to flow! Easier to name, easier to buy!

PS2: the WH-CH700N should not be confused with the WH-H900N which is a different line and it is on sale for $230 for Costco members.