Musician’s Friend Coupon: 10% off $49+ OR 15% off $199+

Musician’s Friend has launched a St Patrick’s Coupon Promotion! Coupon code SHAMROCK gets you a 15% off discount on orders of $199+ OR a 10% off discount on orders of $49+. The maximum discount you can get with the coupon is $500, in other words, it flattens to $500 off if your order total is over $3333.33.

There are two places with headphones, eighty of them under PRO Audio and 19 of them under Consumer Audio.

Also among the sales is the new condition Denon DN-300C Professional CD Player dropping from $199 to $170 with the coupon.

Strategically, you can make the most of the coupon with orders of just over $49, and orders over $199 but under $3333 🙂