Monoprice Retro semi-open over-ears for $22 w/FS [also: Turntable w/AT100E for $180 and more]

One of the budget options in studio-ish headphones is a common lineage design used by Superlux and Samson among others. That design is also part of the ever-expanding Monoprice line-up, and as of the time of writing, their new condition Retro semi-open over-ears go for $22 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price.

But that’s not all. Monoprice is currently running various sales on some of their other headphones and they pair the sale with free standard US shipping. Among them:

+ M650 open-back over-ears for $110
+ I previously posted this but had a typo in the price in the blog-post title, so those of you skimming may have ignored it as not a good price 🙂

+ Turntable with AT100E Cartridge for $180

+ HR-5C closed over-ears for $55

+ IPX4 truly wireless for $45

+ 8323 with Bluetooth for $27
+ this is a bluetooth version of the famous 8323 closed-back over-ears

+ all the above come with free standard US shipping

Note that the free shipping offer is as of the time of writing. I do not know when it will expire for each headphone mentioned above!

But wait, there’s more! The Monolith line of high-end audio is also expanding at Monoprice with two new models coming out. These are not headphone amps. The 9-Channel Power Amplifier with XLR goes for $2000, while the 11-channel model goes for $2500