Monoprice Memorial Day coupons are out

The Monolith headphone-related products are not eligible for the Memorial Day weekend coupons at, but a number of other headphone products are eligible for a new trio of coupons that are good until Memorial Day night in the pacific time zone. Coupon 25BLUE gets you 25% off orders of $300+, while 20WHITE gets you 20% off orders of $150+. For small order, coupon 5RED gets you $5 off orders of $25+.

The coupons can only be used if you reach the minimum amount with coupon-eligible products. If you have a mix of coupon-eligible and coupon-ineligible items that total $300.01, you don’t be able to use the 25% off coupon. You need $300+ of coupon-eligible products in the shopping cart.