Monoprice headphone sale continues: planars, dynamic, Monolith, DAC/amps, Etc

The Monoprice headphone sale now has some teeth as they are not just offering their budget earphones but also a lot of their Monolith headphones and amps/DACs. A total of 39 items are participating including:

+ Electrostatic headphone with dedicated amplifier for $567

+ M1060 open planars for $243
+ M1060C closed planars for $270
+ M565C closed planars for $180

+ M300 earphones for $100

+ M600 open dynamic for $70
+ M650 open dynamic for $120

+ Big Tube amp for $340, portable DAC/amp with THX and AAA for $280, desktop balanced amp for $480, Liquid Spark Cavalli for $100

+ various budget over-ear, on-ear and in-ear

+ most (but not all) offered items come with free standard US shipping