Monoprice Earpads (Velour or Pleather) for $13 w/FUSS

One thing that deserves a special mention from our previously mentioned Monoprice headphone-related sale are the new condition Monoprice earpads available for $13 with free standard US shipping in your choice of Protein Leather or Velour.

They both do well in the total of 15 customer reviews between them. You can buy upto twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. Free US standard shipping whether you buy one pair or ten.

The product description over there has a list of compatible headphones and for those and others not mentioned, don’t forget to check the customer reviews and the answered questions as well. The list includes many well-known headphones such as the Audio Technica M50X family (M40X, M30X, M50), their AD700X/900X open-backs, the AKG K551 and K553, Shure 840 and 440, Sony V6, MDR-1A, Fostex T50RP, Braiwavz HM5, Monoprice 8323, etc…