Monday: Tribit truly-wireless sale

For Monday September 19 in 2022, the headliner deal of the day at Amazon USA is a Tribit truly wireless sale featuring a total of 14 products. Not all of them are truly wireless earphones though.

Of particular interest is the Tribit Fly Buds 3 (100H) going for around $31 in the black color scheme.

I have this particular model and I’m planning an unboxing post and review in the future. Of potential playback time interest, in addition to the long charge held in the charging case (thus the 100H in the name), you can optionally wear one earbud at a time instead of two (either the left or the right, whichever one you take out of the case), essentially doubling playback time! I use these for YouTube viewing daily and charge the USB-C charging case just once a month! That’s insane!

The charging case also works as a powerbank (!!!) for other devices via USB Type A! Don’t get too excited though, today’s phones need a whole lot more than this for a full charge. But in case of emergency,and/or if you want to charge small DAPs (eg Sandisk Clips) this is a great.

A bit confusing, but in the same listing they have a newer 2022 model, in the white color scheme going for $33. This is marked as a “150H” product, promising even crazier battery life. This goes by the “normal” name of “Flybuds 3S”. This also goes to bluetooth 5.2, up from bluetooth 5.0 of the OG Flybuds 3. I don’t have the 3S model, so I can’t comment on how it works.

All the models are on the same listing, and all together, at Amazon they average 4.3 out of 5 based on 22652 customer ratings. Unfortunately Amazon does not provide review score averages per individual color/option. You can filter the reviews by color/option but you have to calculate the averages on your own. With thousands of reviews, that’s impossible 🙂