Massdrop offers a “make your own deal” offer

For Black Friday, until 11/28/21, Massdrop is having a make your own deal type of an offering by giving out a promotional gift card depending on the purchase amount you make. This has to be on a single transaction and shipping and taxes are EXCLUDED.

For example, if you buy one $50 headphone, one $100 headphone, you pay $20 shipping and $15 tax, the amount the qualifies for the bonus will be $150 (the cost of the two headphones).

The bonus is calculated as follows:

+ Spend $250, get a $20 bonus
+ Spend $500, get a $50 bonus
+ Spent $750, get a $100 bonus

The bonus will be emailed to you on December 1st in 2021 and must needs be spent in a single transaction by January 31 in 2022. The bonus cannot be combined with other discounts per their terms.