Massdrop: lots of items added, Gustard and PS Audio fully unlocked

Members-only but free to join site Massdrop has a number of new offers added the last few days. The offers mentioned in this post expire in 6-7 days from blog-posting date. Of those added, the PS Audio Sprout DAC/amp is fully unlocked for $510 shipped, and the GUSTARD H10 amp for $312~ shipped. On the budget front, the Brainwavz S1 Earphones go for $28~ shipped. Not headphone related, but the U-Turn Audio Orbit Basic + Cue is also unlocked, for $195 shipped. The rest of the items are not unlocked as of the time of writing, but they have plenty of time left to go.

  • Sony MDR-Z7 as low as $510 shipped
  • ZMF xVibro Purple Galaxy Exclusive as low as $450 shipped
  • Samson SR950 headphones as low as $55 shipped
  • Soundmagic P30S Portable Headphone as low as $45 shipped
  • DUNU DN-1000 Hybrid IEM as low as $165 shipped
  • Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE iEMS as low as $77 shipped
  • SoundMAGIC PL21 IEM as low as $17 shipped
  • xDuoo TA-03 DAC/Amp as low as $260 shipped
  • Luxury & Precision LP5 Music Player for $700