Massdrop goes crazy with Curated “Bounty Boxes” for $100 or $250 [or a wild $5000 Ultimate Box]

UPDATE: this post has now been proofread. I posted the original while in a hurry 🙂

NOTE: This is a bit of a complicated offer, so don’t jump in until you read the description over there and/or check their forum to see what others are saying…

Massdrop is once again doing crazy things, this time with the Bounty Boxes. You pay $100 or $250, and for that you are guaranteed to receive something from Audiophile and/or Tech & Gaming and/or Outdoors and/or EDC (I’m assuming this is the industry-standard term for “Every Day (Steph) Curry” OOPS, I mean, “Every Day Carry”???)…

This is a curated “bounty box” in that the included items are pre-selected by Massdrop and listed for all to see [see below]…

To make it more enticing, Massdrop will be randomly upgrading some of the boxes with a more expensive item. Eleven out of 100 Silver boxes (the $100 boxes) will get an upgrade. And one in four Gold boxes (the $250 boxes) will get an upgrade.

The $100 Silver box will receive four items. Three from the “Common” items category and one from the “Uncommon” items. The $250 Gold box will receive five items, two Common, two Uncommon and one Rare. If these don’t make sense, read the SPOILERS section at the bottom of this blog post below…

If you want to select which category your products will come from, you pay an extra +$10. So if you are interested in only one or two of those four categories, it may not be a bad idea to pay more for the guarantee. If you like all four categories, or you can gift what you don’t want/need/like, then no need for the +$10.

You won’t receive duplicates of the same product, but you will receive items from the same category ~ especially if you pay the +$10 to preselect the category of interest.

Each person can buy up to five boxes per shopping cart, so you can mix and match categories or have them all be randomly selected.

Free shipping is included but sales-tax is also included (eg in California where Massdrop is located). This is for US addresses only and they will ship in late July 2019 from Massdrop…

There is a return policy but read the terms on their website: items must be un-opened and un-damaged. There is a restocking fee. You can only return one bounty box per calendar month. So think before you buy if you think the chances are high that you will return it…

And then there’s the crazy $5000 tier
If you have $5000 to spare, they have the “Ultimate Bounty Box”. You receive a wooden crate that is filled with some of the items from the tiers below but they will also include additional unlisted items from the Massdrop general inventory. And per the description, these will apparently be individually gift wrapped making it a longer and more fun [and/or more frustrating] unboxing process. Note that the wooden crate will be nailed shut, so prepare your tools or bring in a handyman/handywoman to help you ~ especially if you are recording the unboxing video for YouTube purposes 🙂

If you are the type who enjoys the randomness of things, this is for you. If you are the type who only wants specific items and hates getting things you haven’t thoroughly researched and need, then avoid this. If you are somewhere in-between, do some soul searching before deciding 🙂

If you want to make an educated guess on what you might get, they are posting SPOILERS! A PDF file at the aforelinked page lists all eligible items for the Silver and Gold boxes. The $5000 box additional unlisted items are … not listed there 🙂 To preserve their SPOILERS policy, I will be discussing the available headphones below the break… Spoilers after this paragraph, you have been WARNED!


The COMMON tier
The “Common” category contains five items. If you are in the Silver box, you will randomly receive three of these, or if you are in the Gold category you will randomly receive two of these…

  • KOSS KPH-30i portable on-ears
  • MEE Audio X6 bluetooth earphones
  • RevoNext QTS IEMs
  • CCA C10 earphones (quite a …memorable name)
  • KOSS KSC-75X clip-ons (a must have for everyone [see my non-Massdrop KSC-75 unboxing post]

The UN-COMMON tier
In this category, Silver Box members will receive one item, and Gold box members will receive two items. Items received are always randomly selected. You can pay +$10 to lock in a product category (eg Audiophile) but you cannot personally select which product(s) you will receive from a particular category…

  • Massdrop x E-MU purpleheart (they go for $75 on their own)
  • Tin Audio T3 earphones
  • TFZ X1 bluetooth earphones
  • Massdrop NuForce x EDC earphones

The RARE tier
Buyers of the $100 Silver box will receive ZERO from this level except for one in ten buyers who will randomly receive one of these instead of a Common/Uncommon item. Buyers in the $250 Gold box will randomly receive one item from this category BUT wait there’s more: one in four Gold box tiers will randomly be upgraded to a second Rare item…

This is where we have some juicy stuff 🙂

  • Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee open over-ears
  • AKG x K7XX open over-ears
  • Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX IEMs
  • BGVP DMG iems (another …memorable name)
  • Topping DX3 PRO
  • SMSL SH-8 amp

The EPIC tier
There’s only one item in this tier, so if you get upgraded to Epic, you are getting the Hifiman Edition XX (these are $600 headphones on their own).

Who gets this? One out of 100 buyers of the Silver box get upgraded to this and one in 40 buyers of the Gold box get upgraded to this. These are randomly selected…

But wait, there are MORE headphones
In addition to the Audiophile category, there are some headphones in the “Tech and Gaming category”.

In their “UnCommon” tier they have the Sony WH-CH500 closed-back on-ear bluetooth headphones and the Massdrop x NuForce Stride bluetooth earphones. Two out of seven items in this tier… And in the “Rare” tier, of the three products available, one is the Sennheiser PC-37X gaming headset. The other two are mechanical keyboards…