MaCaw GT-600s In-Ears for $40 [MD]

The parade of new listings continues at Massdrop, this time we go to the sub-$50 IEM category where they are offering the new condition Macaw GT600S IEMs for $40 with free US shipping and low international shipping (under $5 for the random countries I tested). It’s easier to offer low cost shipping on a small box of IEMs than a giant box of monster-sized over-ears 🙂

Despite the low price, they have detachable cable (coaxial MMCX) and also user-replaceable tuning filters, three of which are included: standard, bassy and piercing [oops, I mean treble!]. The “piercing” is just a joke, I haven’t seen or heard this earphone 🙂 They come with a pouch and two kinds of eartips (silicone and memory foam).

The IEMs are available in your choice of black or silver color scheme in the shopping cart. This should not be confused with the color of the tuning filters. All three tuning filters are included in the package. You don’t have to purchase additional tuning filters!

The shipping estimate is late April 2019 from Massdrop. There’s no mention of warranty.

PS: quick quiz, what number is MMCX in latin numerals? Don’t read any further, the answer is in “PS2” below 🙂

PS2: if I write the answer here, our digital-age skim-reading will read it whether you intend it or not, so here’s the answer at this link (the mouse-over won’t give away the answer either)…

PS3: it’s easier to build up a big collection of IEMs versus over/on-ears for the practical fact that you can store half a dozen IEM boxes in the space of one over-ear box 🙂