Last Call for Prime Dayz 2020: Microsoft Surface 2 for $200

One last deal before we say goodbye to the Prime Dayz of 2020, it is the new condition Microsoft Surface 2 headphones going for $200 for Prime members during the “Prime Daze” 🙂

PS: as a fan of the Zune, I feel I must needs mention Microsoft’s poor management record on music/audio, OMG THEY KILLED ZUNE, you BASTARDS! In addition to Zune, they also launched newer music efforts which they also killed off shortly thereafter:)

PS2: of course not just Microsoft has a bad music record, The Great Satan of Search (aka Google) is pulling the plug on their own Google Play Music-selling digital store and killing off their nice “Google Play Music” app and forcing you to …create a YouTube channel if you want to have online access to your previously purchased music and playlists.

PS3: what do you expect when the tech world has become an archipelago of walled-garden island-monopolies?

PS4: wow that’s a great line in PS3, I will keep using it 🙂