[DEAD] KZ Easy ZST Hybrid Earphones for $14 to $15

This particular offer expired but fear not if you missed it – it returns every few days/weeks…

Good until 4:05pm ET today, you can get the KZ Easy ZST Hybrid Earphones with detachable cables for $14 to $15. There are two colors, black and very-colorful, and each color scheme has two options, with or without microphone. This is a fulfilled by Amazon lightning deal. All together they average 4.2 out of 5 based on 350 customer reviews and have 61 answered questions, so that’s pretty good vetting for a $15 earphone 🙂

In other Gold Box action, running until 1pm ET is a sale on the Znoble Earphone Tips (six pairs per box) for $5~ for a mix of silicon and foam and $7~ for foam only. Each option has two sets of three pairs (one small pair, one medium, and one large pair). In the foam-only option, they have red and black sets.