[DEAD] JLab JBuds EPIC Earbuds for $9.40 (limit 2)

As of 5/30/15, the price jumped to $14+…

On the single figure earbuds front, the white-gold color scheme of the JLab JBuds EPIC Earbuds is currently on sale for $9.40 (was $9.92) per pair, with a limit of two per shopping cart at Amazon.com by Amazon actual. Only this option is on sale so low. The other options go for more. There are multiple colors and options on that page. If you page further down over there, you will see all that’s included, a zippered case, different tip sizes, earfins, 1-button remote/mic, 13mm, etc.

NOTE: if you are skim-reading there, the eight years mentioned is NOT the warranty, but part of the marketing-speak (it took them eight years to “perfect” this).