In-Stock Now: Sennheiser HDV 820 DAC/amp for $2400

CES 2018 is here and we have began rounding up the new headphones at CES 2018 in our annual customary mega-post. It is short now but if you check the previous CES years, you will notice that they balloon to the point of unreadability 🙂

The closed-back HD 820 headphones are the star of Sennheiser’s announcement and the subjects of a long wait until the early summer for release. Coming along with them, but already in-stock and shipping at various retailers is the HDV 820 DAC and headphone amplifier. Both have a price of $2400. The HDV 820 Headphone Amplifier is already in-stock and shipping by various at Amazon and B&H Photo and the official Sennheiser USA store and Hifi Heaven and World Wide Stereo, the last two being their eBay stores.