[DEAD] iFi micro iDSD Black Label Edition for $378

These recurring sales expired again…

It is back! The good thing with recurring sales, if you miss them, they will come back! And it is back. As of the time of writing, the new condition iFi micro iDSD Black Label Edition is on sale for $378 with free shipping at Adorama.com, an authorized dealer of the various A/V brands they carry. The previous time it was on sale it was $380, but I’m not sure a $2 difference will tilt the scales either way 🙂

For the sake of post economy, here are some of the other iFi recurring sales that have also returned:

+ new condition iFi Pro iCAN Headphone Amplifier offered for $1299

+ new condition iFi Pro Series iESL Energiser for Electrostatics for $1099