HIFIMAN HE4XX planar magnetics for $170 [MD]

The HIFIMAN HE4XX planar magnetics were an “in-stock drop” (I need to update the Massdrop Tracker page), but they are not an in-stock drop anymore!

As of the time of writing, they are a conventional Massdrop drop, running for the next 15 days and change (from blog-posting date) for the same old price of $170 with free US shipping. The shipping estimate is mid-March 2018, with all sales final. They come with a 1-year warranty as they are a co-branded product with Massdrop.

450 units are available for this drop, with up to five per customer, but they have not reset the counter at the top of the page, so we have no way of knowing where we are in this 450 drop. All units will be serialized per the product description.