(HIBERNATING) Headphone Deals at Groupon with Coupons

The coupon promotion expired again, so this post is in hibernation until the coupon returns again…

CURRENT COUPON: enter promo code SALE3 for 10% off until Sunday 10/14/17 PM at 11:59pm in either ET or CT or PT

Groupon frequently has short-lived coupons that last 1-2 days. They also have a variety of headphones on their website. They don’t have full line-ups but a mix of models of interest to both the general population and enthusiasts.

By the time I notice a new coupon and then check and then write the posts, the promotion is almost over. So the solution to that is this post. It will be a permanent post that lists the various Groupon headphones that are coupon eligible.

When a new coupon comes out, I will update this, and have everything ready to go much faster!


+ Audio Technica ATH-AD900X open-back over-ear: $136 before coupon; $122~ after coupon

+ Beyerdynamic DT 880 PREMIUM (250 ohm) semi-open over-ears: $169 before coupon; $152 after coupon

+ Sony MDR-7502 Closed Over-Ears: $301 before coupon; $271 after coupon

+ BOSE QC35 ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears in silver or black: $340 before coupon; $306 after coupon

+ Definitive Technology Symphony 1 Bluetooth Over-Ears: $170 before coupon; $153 after coupon

+ Plantronics BackBeat PRO+ Wireless Noise-Canceling: $136 before coupon; $122~ after coupon

+ Sennheiser RS 160 RF Wireless (KLEER): $100 before coupon; $90 after coupon

+ Phiaton Chord MS 530 Bluetooth ANC On-Ears: $58 before coupon; $52~ after coupon


+ Etymotic ER4SR or ER4XR: $350 each before coupon; $314 after coupon

+ Hifiman RE 400 In-Ears: $45 before coupon; $40.50 after coupon

+ JayBird BlueBuds X Bluetooth In-Ears: $80 before coupon, $72 after coupon

+ Jaybird Freedom F5 In-Ear Bluetooths: $112 before coupon; $100~ after coupon


  • free shipping with orders of $34.99+
  • some items get free returns, but not all
  • maximum discount per item is typically $50
  • not all items are eligible for coupon discounts
  • some items ship slower than others ~ check each individual listing
  • marketplace sellers can sell items in addition to Groupon Goods actual ~ check each individual listing

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