HE 150PRO Earbuds for $22 [MD]

Massdrop is furiously adding more and more new brands/products to its inventory and one of them is on the budget side of things, a $22 pair of [actual] earbuds, the new condition HE 150PRO Earbuds going for $22 with free US shipping and $5~ international shipping (YMMV depending on location).

These are “HE” not “VE” (Venture Electronics). At least they didn’t name them Monks 🙂

These will ship from Massdrop in mid-May 2019. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing which will run for the next four days and change from blog-posting time…

PS: “lush” is one of the audiophile words that can raise red flags for those who are mayhaps tired of the flowery borderline-meaningless audiophoolia language used in quite a few corporate and forum reviews 🙂

PS2: I prefer to use weather-y descriptions. For example [general example, not related to these earbuds ~ I haven’t seen or heard them], “these headphones are cloudy with a chance of rain in the high plains”