[DEAD] 1More Triple Driver IEM for $80 (15-hour Sale ends Tuesday 11:59pm ET)

This 15-hour sale ended… Perhaps this earphone is now “too famous” to meet the lowest Costco price of late last year?

UPDATE 5/16/17 at 9:02am ET the NewEgg Flash sale has now gone LIVE, the sale price is $80 with free shipping, with 1More USA being the seller. This is the same price as Costco (which charges a 5% surcharge for non-members). As of this update (probably too soon), it has not been price-matched by amazon.com.

1More is riding a hype wave, with the Verge review being the latest to sing the praises of their triple driver IEMs, creating another wave of techies jumping aboard the hype train.

And so is NewEgg Flash! According to a picture-teaser on their site (page further down when you search for headphones), there is going to be a 15-hour sale on the 1More Triple driver silver IEMs starting on Tuesday May 16 at 12pm eastern in 2017. You see this when you click on the square picture.

The picture does not take you to the product page, but NewEgg Flash and NewEgg share the same product database, this is the page of the IEM at the NewEgg website. There is no page for it YET at the NewEgg Flash page. Sometimes the sales happen on both sites, sometimes on only one. So we’ll see.

As of the time of writing, this goes for $80 at Costco (+ 5% for non-members). These went for even less during the 2016 holiday shopping season at Costco but that sale price hasn’t returned since. It will be interesting to see whether Amazon will price-match it after it goes live.

I obviously have no clue what the sale price is going to be, but there is already another 1More headphone on sale at Neweggflash. The 1MORE MK802 Over-Ears go for $100, while their current price elsewhere is $150. However, this does not necessarily tell us anything about the Triple Driver sale price. There’s no guarantee it will be the same sale percentage!