FREE HTC Studio In-Ears (or Jabra Move) with HTC M10 purchase

As part of their Father’s Day sales, good until 6/19/16 at 11:59pm pacific, if you purchase the HTC M10 flagship smartphone (technically it’s the HTC 10 but I just can’t type that) from the official website, you can select FREE item, either the HTC Studio In-Ears (black or white) or the Jabra Move On-Ears for FREE. To see the freebies, first add the M10 to your shopping cart (select the Unlocked if you want to quickly check the offer). Then go to the shopping cart. Below the phone you will see the freebies. You have to manually select which one you want. It should look something like this:


PS: I don’t know why they call them “Studio”. Granted it’s a marketing term but they typically use that for over-ears. Might as well call it “Studio DJ Audiophile Monitor” 🙂