Fostex TH-X00 Trio returns to Massdrop in limited quantities and for $20 more

They are back on at the members-only Massdrop in limited quantities, 100 units available per headphone. And they go for $20 more than before! They are the following Fostex TH-X00 Massdrop collaborations, with free US shipping and a 2-year warranty. Note however that these will ship in mid-September 2018, that’s 3.5 months away!

  • Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 Audiophile Headphones for $420 with free shipping and 2-year warranty. Freight forwarding service available for +$15 for outside the US; details at the bottom of the listing over there
  • Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart for $470 with free S&H and 2-year warranty
  • Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 Ebony for $520 with free S&H and 2-year warranty