Focal Spirit One S Closed Over-Ears for $79 [updated]

UPDATE 12/6/17 at 10:31am ET: wow I jinxed them 🙂 The listings by AudioLAB sold out, but remaining is the listing on eBay by another seller Gear4Less (100%, Tennessee) for $79 [WAS $69] with free shipping.

Price updated here on 11/9/17 AM…

Before FOCAL generated a lot of buzz with their ELEAR/Utopia audiophile headphones, they released a few consumer price tier headphones. One of them is the closed-back over-ear Focal Spirit One S and its price has been steadily dropping.

These sold out: it is now going for $70 with free shipping by AudioLAB which offers it fulfilled by Amazon (free 2-day Prime shipping) and also through their eBay store.