EU: Philips Fidelio X2HR/00 Open Over-Ears for 98 euro

Despite its existential adventures, Philips as a headphone maker/branding managed to survive and launch new former hype machine X series open-back headphones.

One of them, the Fidelio X2HR/00 is currently on sale for 98 euro in new condition as part of the Black Friday festivities at Amazon Germany

As of the time of writing, this, along with the previously mentioned Sennheiser HD 599, are sold and shipped by itself, not by iffy marketplace sellers. Up to three pairs per headphone model per customer…

These two are the audiophile headliners that are part of a six headphone sale at Amazon Germany that also includes:

+ Denon D5200 for 369 euro
+ Denon D7200 for 479 euro
+ interestingly these are also model numbers of Nikon DSLR cameras!

+ Philips SHC5200/05 FM wireless for 38 euro

+ Panasonic SC-GN01 Gaming Neck Speaker with Built-in Microphone for 134 euro

Which also raises the question, how close to your ear must the speakers be for it to be considered a headphone and not a speaker? Or is it a hybrid speaker-headphone? 😉