[DEAD] 20% off newly-released Monoprice Closed Planars (M1060C, M565C) and more!

This 4-day weekend coupon expired…

UPDATE: this is the Last Call for this deal! The coupon expires either at 11:59pm pacific or eastern. Most likely pacific since Monoprice is a Southern California company…

For those of you just checking in, expiring on Monday night (I believe it’s 11:59pm pacific, not eastern but not 100% sure), Monoprice coupon code 20DAY gets you 20% off orders of $150+. What’s special about this coupon is that it works on the just released and in-stock and shipping Monoprice closed-back planar headphones that were revealed during the Monoprice CES 2018 Big Bang.

+ Monoprice M1060C Closed-Back Planars drop from $330 to $264

+ Monoprice M565C Closed-Back Planars, drop from $230 to $184

+ Monoprice Monolith Turntable (product ID 27749) drops from $250 to $200

+ Monoprice 29516 cable drops from $15 to $12 (as long as your order total is $150+)
+ this is a 6ft 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable; works with both the open & closed versions of M1060 and M565 planars

+ the discounts happen with coupon 20DAY (20% off eligible product totals of $150+)

+ free standard US shipping for the planar headphones and the turntable (not for the cable)

PS: the quartet of Monoprice Monolith DAC/amps are still not orderable but if you are curious about them, you can stay tuned to our on-going New Headphones Tracker, that’s how I found out the closed planars were shipping, by updating that page 🙂