[DEAD] Email Offer: 1-hour Sonix Flash Sale

This sale ended…

If you are subscribed to Sonix Electronix emails, check your inbox! One of their recent emails has an offer that gets you a personalized 1-hour flash sale. The flash sale begins AFTER you press the button to start the flash sale and ends after an hour! Look for this in the emails…

The one below is a SCREENSHOT:


  1. But they don’t sell headphone for a long time, almost all product are car – audio related, I quit subscribing from them after I found out.

  2. hpnao deals admin says

    Interesting! Are they getting out of the headphone market? There’s no link to headphones on their homepage, but if you search for “headphones” in their search bar over there, they have various headphones listed and they show as in-stock.