eBay coupon promotion: 20% off $25+ orders (100 eligible headphones)

eBay is back with another coupon promotion, this one running until Sunday January 28 at 11am eastern time. With this promotion, coupon code P20SAVENOW gets you 20% off a purchase of $25+ from 65 participating big eBay sellers, including Anker, iDJ Now, Overstock, and VM Innovations.

You can use the left hand side over there to filter by categories. There are over 700 items under DJ Equipment sub-category under “Musical Instruments & Gear”. Among those, there are around 100 headphones. You can sort them by price if you are interested in a particular price range. The eBay seller “iDJ Now” is selling most of the headphones in this category.

The maximum discount through the use of this coupon during this promotion is $50.