Cosmos Earpads for Sony MDR V6/7506 for $5.38

If you need a super-budget extra pair of earpads, or you want to compare different ones, the Cosmos brand of Sony 7506/V6 replacement earpads is going for $5.48 with free shipping for Prime members [shhhh! it’s not an Add-On item] or with a $25+ order. A handful of “fulfilled by Amazon” sellers have these for this price, so it looks like some kind of a group price-match.

Note that on the same listing there are earpads for different headphone models, so if you are interested in customer reviews, you have to dig into the detailed reviews to find the reviews for this model. This is the pre-filtered link to the V6/7506 option. There are over 260 reviews for them, unfortunately filtered review lists do not calculate the review score average, only the root/main review score is given.