Bose Quiet Comfort QC25 ANC Over-Ears for $125

The QVC store has launched their own online Black Friday and of headphone interest they are offering the new condition Bose QuietComfort QC25 closed-back over-ear active noise cancelling for $125 with free shipping in your choice of iOS or Android buttons. These are ANC-only, not bluetooth. Bluetooth was added with later models…

Refurb Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-Ears for $90

The official BOSE eBay store is offering the factory renewed Bose SoundLink bluetooth on-ears for $90 with free shipping with up to five pairs per customer at the sale price. They come with the same warranty as the new condition models.

Speaking of which, they are also offering the likewise factory renewed SoundSport FREE truly-wireless earphones for $130 with free shipping. Two color options are available and the same limit of up to five per eBay user…

Monoprice M600 Open Over-Ears for $100, M300 Planar Earphones for $100, Etc

Monoprice has launched their early Black Friday sale featuring over 270 products. Of headphone/audio interest:

+ new condition open-back over-ear M600 headphones for $100 with free standard US shipping

+ new condition M300 Planar Earphones for $100 w/free S&H

+ new condition 8383 close over-ears with bluetooth for $20 with free shipping
+ great value IF you don’t have a GIANT head ~ I can just barely fit in but I’m not at the GIANT level

+ new condition Monoprice 6.5-inch Powered Coaxial Studio Multimedia Monitor Speakers (pair) for $100 w/free US shipping

+ new condition Monoprice 25 Watt Stereo Hybrid Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth for $100 with free US S&H

+ new condition Monoprice 50 Watt Stereo Hybrid Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth & Line Output for $140 with free US shipping

+ new condition Monoprice Premium 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with Subwoofer for $140 with free US S&H

Speaking of Monoprice, they are running a two-step promotion: if you make qualifying purchases of $100+ by 12/2/18, you will receive a $25 off a qualifying order of $50+ to be used between December 5-31 in 2018. Check details over there…

Speaking of which, check also their curated Best of Audio sale (their term) which includes 34 items…

1More Triple Driver Over-Ears for $147 [Windscribe PRO Unlimited VPN for $36]

The Stacksocial website is coming out of the gate with a trio of coupons. Coupon BFSAVE20 is 20% off tangible/physical goods. Coupon BFSAVE40 is 40% off apps and services and coupon BFSAVE75 is 75% off course bundles. You can test the coupons but you need to login to a Stacksocial account.

I tested this and it works, you can get the new condition 1More Triple Driver Over-Ears for $144 plus $3 flat shipping after entering the limited time coupon. The price before the coupon is $180.

Speaking of this coupon promotion, coupon BFSAVE40 gets you a lifetime subscription to the well regarded Windscribe PRO VPN for under $36. Its price before the coupon is $59.

Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen SE for $649 AC

For a limited time, coupon code TESLA (yes that one!) can get you the new condition Beyerdynamic T1 second-generation Special Edition (black) headphones for $649 with free shipping at the BuyDig website… These are dynamic headphones…

Hifiman HE-560 V2 Planars for $250 [or $166 Used]

It’s doorbuster time at Adorama! For a limited time, they are offering the planar magnetic open-back over-ear Hifiman HE-560 V2 headphones for $250 with free shipping… Note that these are the V2, not the first generation… Or you can go used for $166 in “Fair” condition…

Beyerydynamic DT 770 PRO (250 ohm) for $129

They still can’t beat the Amazon Germany price of 116 euro, but if you are in the USA, this is as close as it gets, you can get the new condition closed-back over-ear Beyerdynanic DT 770 PRO in the 250 ohm variant for $129 with free shipping at NewEgg from two well known marketplace seller there (Electronics EXPO and Beach Camera) and this has also been price-matched by Amazon actual….

PS: there are many and more options in the famed Beyerdynanic DT 770/880/990 series and plenty has been written of them in the interwebs, so your favorite engine(s) are your best friends in trying to sort it all out – short of buying them all and posting a MEGA comparison πŸ™‚

KEF Space One (Porsche Design) for $100

Space is the place at NewEGG, where for a limited time (five days and change from blog-posting time) they are offering the new condition KEF Space ONE closed-back over-ear ANC headphones for $100 with free shipping with up to ten pairs per customer at the sale price. This is sold and shipped by NewEgg actual, not marketplace sellers… The headphone is part of the “Porsche Design” series… The ANC circuit is powered by AAA, so if you are a fan of rechargeables of the Eneloop kind that’s a plus…

Refurb B&O Play H4 Over-Ear Bluetooths + $15 GC for $119

For a limited time, NewEgg marketplace seller “Extended Play” is offering the refurbished B&O Play H4 headphones for $119 with free shipping and they also include a $15 promotional gift card with purchase. This is sold and shipped by the marketplace seller, not NewEgg… The headphones are closed-back over-ear bluetooths… Limit three pairs per customer at the promotional price… It is not clear whether there is any warranty included, so assume there isn’t to be on the safe side…

Sennheiser PXC 250 II Lightweight ANC On-Ears for $110

At the intersection of active noise cancelling and lightweight and collapsible headphone lives the good old Sennheiser PXC 250 II, and as of the time of writing, a marketplace seller fulfilled by Amazon has it available in new condition for $110 with free shipping and handling… The ANC circuit is powered by one AAA battery…

AKG K702 Open Over-Ears for 117 euro

A marketplace seller fulfilled by Amazon is offering the new condition open-back over-ear AKG K702 headphones for $180 with free shipping, but depending on your location, you may be able to get a better deal if you shop from Amazon Germany where they currently go for 117 euro with VAT/customs included for the whole European Union. The price is so good that the used options sell for more (!) there…

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear for $115

For a limited time, all four color schemes of the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless (bluetooth) closed-back over-ear are on sale for $115 per pair, in new condition, by Amazon actual

Monday (EU): Jabra headphone and earphone sale, Sandisk/WD storage sale, and lots more

Monday is a very big day in terms of offers at Amazon Germany. Of headphone interest, they have a Jabra headphone sale that includes the Move bluetooth closed-back on-ears for 40 euro, various Elite truly-wireless earphones from 135 to 152, and the Elite 45e neckband bluetooth earphones from 60 to 75 euro… They also offer the Echo for 60 euro, Mpow bluetooth earhooks from 10 to 20 euro, lots of physical music on sale (including the Stereo Beatles boxed set for 105 euro), Medio internet radio / speakers, and various Sandisk/WD storage products for your music and your DAPs and PADs and smartphones…

Audio Technica M50X Bluetooth Over-Ears for $199

If you are all in with the Audio Technica M50X but also need the convenience and flexibility of bluetooth, their M50XBT (as in bluetooth obviously) are now on sale for $199 with free shipping by Amazon actual and also at B&H Photo….

EU: Shure SRH 440 closed over-ears for 69 euro

The good old Shure SRH 440 closed-back over-ear headphones are down another 10 euro at Amazon Germany, sold by themselves, not marketplace sellers… The 840 remains at 127 euro as it was when we previously mentioned it, while the open-back SRH 1440 are down to 265 euro…

Monoprice sale: M560 for $150, M300 for $112, MP3 for $15, Turntable $199, Etc

Monoprice launched week three of their early Black Friday offers and this set includes a handful of headphones:

+ M560 open-back over-ear planar-magnetics for $150 with free US shipping

+ M300 planar in-ears for $112~ w/free S&H

+ MP30 earphones with tuning nozzles for $15 with free US shipping
+ it’s easier and cheaper to ship earphones than over-ears πŸ™‚

+ Monolith Turntable for $199

+ various cables

Meanwhile good until Saturday night, the usual coupon code is back with new “names”:
+ GOBBLE20 is 20% off orders of $150+
+ GOBBLE5 is $5 off orders of $25+

I did not check the aforementioned headphones whether they work with the coupon…

Fri: Sony XB-950-N1 ANC/BT Over-Ears for $113

The Friday Amazon Gold Box includes a headphone sale of a known brand, it is the new condition Sony XB-950-N1 closed-back over-ear wireless (bluetooth) with ANC set going for $113 with free shipping. Amazon actual offers one pair per customer but other marketplace sellers appear to have price-matched it, so if you need more, you can get additional pairs from them…

Thur (EU): Nuraphone, Plantronics, Libratone, Etc

Among the Thursday Countdown to Black Friday deals at the Amazon Germany there is a sale of 17 Audio products that includes a handful of headphones as follows:

+ Plantronics Backbeat GO 810 bluetooth over-ears for 99 euro

+ Libratone Q BT/ANC on-ears for 102+ euro

+ Nuraphone BT/ANC/etc for 319 euro

+ various Hama, Thorens, and DOSS audio products

Thur: refurbished BOSE QC15 for $135, QC25 for $157, Etc

It’s Bose day at Woot where one of their daily deals is a refurbished sale on three Quiet Comfort models that come with a 90-day Woot warranty:

+ QC15 ANC over-ears for $135
+ these are AAA powered

+ QC25 ANC over-ears for $157

+ QC30 bluetooth neckband earphones for $225

Shipping is free for Prime members, or a flat shipping fee for everything purchased during the central time zone of this day at Woot…

Meanwhile one of the A4C daily deals is the refurbished LG Tone Pro HBS-770 neckband bluetooth earphones going for $18 with free shipping. They come with a 90-day warranty from A4C.

Monoprice M600 Open Over-Ears for $100 w/FS

We have a group of offers at the Monoprice website, starting with week #2 of their Early Black Friday sales headling, headphone-wise, by the new condition open-back over-ear Monoprice M300 headphones, a name certainly not not an homage to the good old Sennheiser HD 600 πŸ™‚ This headphone is currently on sale for $100 with free standard US shipping, instead of its standard price of $130. It is not eligible for the weekend coupons. Limit up to 20 per customer at the sale price.

Monoprice is also running a limited time Home Theater sale with a variety of systems, speakers, subwoofers, mounts and the obligatory (and necessary mind you) audio accessories.

Back to the headphones, they also have a sale on one of their new recently released bluetooth headphones, the new condition BT-400 Closed Over-Ears go for $33 with free standard US shipping. Just like the previously mentioned 8323s, these too support apt-X.

Monoprice 8323 with Bluetooth Closed Over-Ears for $20 w/FS

For a limited time [and not eligible for the weekend coupon], the Monoprice website is offering the new condition Monoprice 8323 with bluetooth closed-back over-ear headphones for $20 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price.

This is a newer model based on the wired 8323s. 8323 was their Monoprice PID, and because of the way their website works, new products get assigned new and unique PIDs. Thus the PID for the bluetooth 8323 is actually 24735 πŸ™‚ The customer reviews of the two are mixed together so keep that in mind ~ the vast majority of them there are for the older wired model.

I’ve had the wired model and certainly for the price it was a great deal but note that if you have a big head, this may be a tight fit. I could just barely fit inside and they do take up volume on your head when expanded.

They come with apt-X, and considering the price, one has to wonder exactly what the licensing fee for apt-X is and whether some of the more high-end headphone manufacturer (s’ fans) are using the apt-X fee as an excuse to justify the lack of it πŸ™‚

PS: don’t forget to also check their Overstock sale of nearly 500 items for some randomness…

Thursday: MEE Matrix3 Bluetooth Over-Ears AND BT Audio Transmitter for $60

Among the Thursday 11/8/18 daily deals at the Best Buy website, you can get the new condition closed-back over-ear MEE Electronics Matrix3 bluetooth headphones for $60 with free shipping or free store pickup where possible/available. But that’s not all. Best Buy is also bundling with this the MEE Audio Bluetooth transmitter.

The headphone on its own has nearly 1000 customer reviews, it averages 3.9 out of 5 at

New Arrivals: Monolith Electrostatic Headphone System

The Monoprice Monolith headphone party continues with a new open-back electrostatic headphone system, now in-stock for $699 plus shipping. This comes with a portable headphone amplifier. Audio comes in (to the amp) from a 3.5mm audio input and goes out to the headphones through the electrostatic headphone jack. Annotated screenshot of the areas of interest of the portable headphone amp below:

Tue: Philips SHB-9850-NC BT/ANC Over-Ears for $48

At the chagrin of some audiophiles, combo Bluetooth with ANC over-ear headphones are all the rage these days, so every manufacturer and their sister brands are trying to grab a piece of the pie. Which brings us to one of the NewEgg deals du jour for Tuesday, promo code EMCSEEPU3 gets you the new condition Philips SHB9850NC/27 ANC/BT Over-Ears for $48 with free shipping. This runs on Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X and AAC support.

Tue: Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-Ears for $220

Name brand headphones return to the Best Buy daily deals, this time around it is the new condition closed-back over-ear stylish Master and Dynamic MH-40 in the metal-silver/brown color scheme going for $220 with free shipping.

NOTE that the numbers may be similar but the MH40 is over-ear while the MH30 is on-ear, so keep that in mind when price-checking. Note also that the numerous colors of these are often priced differently. Another sign of a “fashion headphone” ^_^ This is after all an unapologetically retro-fashion headphone!

EU: Shure SRH-840 for 127 euro

The discounting action continues for Shure at Amazon Germany. As of the time of writing, the new condition closed-back over-ear SRH-840 studio heapdhones are going for the very specific price of 127 euro with free shipping in Germany. VAT is included in the price for all EU countries… Other Shure closed and open over-ear/studio headphones are also discounting in different ways over there…

There’s also some discounting of models at Amazon USA, for example the open-back SRH-1440 goes for $300 with free shipping, while the good old SRH-440 is down to $79.

Motorola Pulse Escape SH-012 Closed Bluetooths for $20 after coupon

A phone-heavy mobile gadgets sale [some of the older phones with good DACs could be value plays as “PADs” [Phones as DAPs]] including among others the new condition Motorola Pulse Escape closed-back bluetooth headphones for $20 after entering limited time promo code USAVE030 over there. The promo code drops the price from $50 to $20.

This is model SH-012 and the offer is only available on the black color scheme… They run bluetooth 4.1…

Mon: Pioneer HRM-7 DJ/Studio headphones for $99

Good until Monday at 11:59pm eastern time, B&H Photo is offering the new condition Pioneer HRM-7 DJ/Studio headphones (closed, over-ears) for $99 with free US shipping. It comes with two sets of cables (obviously detachable) and a replacement set of earpads. These have the two level headband design.

Sun: Bang & Olufsen H8i Closed BT/ANC On-Ears for $250

Among the Sunday daily deals at Best Buy, you can get the new condition Bang and Olufsen H8i wireless (bluetooth) ANC closed-back on-ears for $250 with free shipping. Only the black color scheme is participating in the sale.

PS: reminder, it is that time of the year, the time to “fall back” time.

PS2: audiophool paranoia: the time change will affect the internal timing of DACs and cause increased fuchsia noise in the outputs πŸ˜‰

Sat: Bluedio Bluetooth sale (9 options)

Among the various Saturday Amazon Gold Box deals of the day there is a sale on various Bluedio headphones of the bluetooth kind. Most are over-ears while others are of the neckband earphone kind… Also among the daily deals is a good value for $17 for this Tenergy Stainless Steel electric tea kettle…

Sennheiser HD1 Closed Over-Ears for $150

The latest Sennheiser Momentum headphones continue in the US market under the new “HD1” brand. Their new condition closed-back over-ear wired HD1 are currently on sale for $150 with free shipping by Amazon actual, available in both iOS and Android button configurations. iOS has both the black and ivory colors, while Android is only available in black.

Note that the iOS/Android difference is just some of the functionality of the buttons. Otherwise the headphones work regardless…

Speaking of Sennheiser, Massdrop has a profile article on the Massdrop x Sennheiser shipping. Oops, did I say “shipping”? I meant business relationship πŸ™‚

Mitchell & Johnson MJ1 Headphones for $90 [MD]

Never a dull moment at Massdrop. Fully and unlocked and raring to go is the new condition Mitchell & Johnson MJ1 Headphone going for $90 with five days and change left in the offer [from blog-posting time]. This will ship in mid-December 2018 from Massdrop itself. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

These have wooden earcups and use “electret” driver but does not require a specialized electrostatic amplifier. The name of the company may remind of …shoes, but it’s a London-based hi-fi company πŸ™‚

Used Focal ELEAR open over-ear for $529

If you are interested in getting a used Focal Elear headphone and are not tempted by the Massdrop variant, Hifi Heaven is offering a “Used – Very Condition” option for $530 with free shipping at Amazon Warehouse Deals. Next up for $569 is an open-box return by Fique and a “Used – Like New” condition by “Hifi Summit”. These three ship directly from the marketplace sellers with free shipping but not Prime or Prime-like shipping.

Koss KPH30i Lightweight On-Ears for $20 + S&H [MD]

Also with 4 days and change left [from blog-posting time] is the new condition Koss KPH30i lightweight on-ears offered for $20 plus shipping in your choice of color scheme [three options are available]. They do come with a mic/remote combo, as do other Massdrop x Koss products. They will ship end of November and come with the usual Koss lifetime warranty.

In other MD action, the Fanmusic C6 cables which fit the HD 6XX and HD 58X but also the HD580, 600 and 650, are offered for $60 with free US shipping. At checkout you can select between 1/4″ or 4-pin XLR. The shipping estimate is just before Christmas 2018.

Speaking of Massdrop, if you are interested in closed-back headphones, they have a running Interest Check thread on closed-back headphones. If there any closed headphones you’d like to see offered there, this is a good opportunity to convince MD to bring them but also fellow shoppers to want them, so they can add their voice/support for model-of-interest πŸ™‚

Monoprice M1060C Closed Planar Headphones for $250

This is an old fashioned sale, no coupon code or minimum purchase required to get these deals at Monoprice:

+ closed-back over-ear M1060C planar-magnetic headphones for $250 with free standard US shipping
+ UPDATE: offer ends 11/6/18

+ Monoprice 25 Watt Stereo Hybrid Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth for $100 with free US shipping

+ Monoprice Deep Blue 10 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for $20 with free US S&H

+ Monoprice 4-Channel Speaker Selector for $15 plus shipping

I forgot to mention these in the original post, more action:

+ Monoprice Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Retractable Earbuds for $35 with free US shipping

+ Brushed Aluminum Desk Headphone Stand for the very specific price of $9.74 plus shipping; up to 20 per customer at the sale price; no volume discount because they are already on sale;