[DEAD] Thursday: 8GB Sandisk Clip Sport for $30 (various colors)

These Thursday daily deals expired…

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[DEAD] Thursday: 32GB iPod Touch (sixth gen) for $225 (many colors)

These Thursday daily deals expired…

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TEAC P90 DAP: open-box for $259 or new-condition for $353

If you are comfortable taking a chance on open-box eBay items, eBay seller “Tony’s AV” (99.6%, Southern California) is offering the open-box TEAC HP-90 DAP in the black color scheme, for $259 with free shipping. There is only one unit available in black, and two available in the red color scheme.

If you prefer new condition with full manufacturer warranty, you can get this from World Wide Stereo on eBay for $353~ with free shipping when you enter coupon code C20SPRING until Monday night.

PS: the open-box for $259 is NOT eligible for the coupon. I discovered it while price-checking the new condition that is eligible for the coupon.

PS2: there is a $10 overlay screen-protector for this that is Prime-eligible at Amazon. This is obviously a clear screen protector, they show the red DAP in the picture.

Hifiman MegaMini DAP for $200 with coupon

And now something on the DAP front, eBay super-coupon C20SPRING can get you the new condition Hifiman MegaMini DAP for $200 with free shipping from World Wide Stereo on eBay. Coupon offer expires Monday night (or earlier for any products that sell out).

Fiio M3 DAP for $50 w/free S&H [armband for $8 + S&H]

The underground popularity of audiophile-priced DAPs is also having an undercurrent of increasing some of the options for the double-figure DAPs. Case in point, the blue color scheme of the Fiio M3 DAP is on sale, in new condition, for $50 with free shipping at Adorama.com… While there, they have the Fiio armband for the M3 player for $8 plus shipping (starts at $3.75).

The M3 has 8GB on-board storage plus a microSD slot for additional music storage. It plays the usual lossy formats (MP3, OGG, WMA, some M4As), along with lossless APE (16/48), FLAC (24/48) and WAV (24/96). The numbers in parenthesis are bits and kHz.

Astell & Kern AK Jr DAP for $269

The Astell & Kern AK Jr DAP with 64GB on-board storage is on sale for $269 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo and $279 by “ProStudio Sound & Music” with the order fulfilled by Amazon.

Sony NWE395 16GB Walkman MP3 Player for $78

The new condition Sony NWE395 mp3-player, part of their good old “Mouse Ears design”, with 16GB of on-board storage, is on sale for $78 with free shipping in the red or black color scheme at Amazon by Amazon actual. Limit up to three per color per customer. These do not have a microSD slot, so if you need more than 16GB of music, this is not it. They don’t have “smartphone features” either.

[DEAD] Astell & Kern AK380 DAP for $2700 (new condition)

As of a late 3/19/17 PM re-check, the $2700 new-condition options are all SOLD OUT…

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[DEAD] Thursday: 128GB iPod Touch (6th Gen) for $360

This recurring daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Open-Box Astell & Kern AK380 DAP for $2872

This is an older post…

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In-Stock Now: iBasso DX200 Reference DAP for $949

Friday is the new Tuesday, new-music-release-wise, so we might as well turn this into a theme of new headphone-related shipments. Another new product is now rolling out your way, the iBasso DX200 Reference DAP is in-stock and ready to ship for $949 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo. This is so new it has no customer reviews or answered questions. It has a 4.2-inch IPS tuochscreen display, dual SABRE DAC chips, 64GB on-board storage, various connection options including balanced, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, and more!

[DEAD] Monday: 128GB iPod Touch (6th Gen) for $365

This deal of the day expired…

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[DEAD] Monday: Fiio X5 (2nd Generation) DAP for $180

This daily deal is over too…

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[DEAD] 8GB Sandisk Clip Sport for $30 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired…

On the budget side of digital audio players, the 8GB Sandisk Clip Sport (with a built-in microSDHC slot) is currently on sale for $30 with free shipping (or free store pickup where possible) by Best Buy on eBay in five different color schemes. Limit up to three per color per customer during this sale.

XDuoo X2 DAP for $43 [MD] or $50 [Now]

The XDuoo X2 digital audio player (DAP) is offered for $40 with $3~ flat shipping at members-only but free-to-join Massdrop for the next seven days. It is estimated to ship in late March from Massdrop… If you can’t wait until then, you can get it in two days if you are a Prime member for $50 by a marketplace seller, with the order fulfilled by Amazon

Pre-order new Fiio X5 III DAP for $400

The third generation Fiio X5 Android-powered but dual-OS digital audio player was one of the products that stood out during the CES 2017 cycle, and now, if you want to get in line to get it, as a boldly-going early adopter, you can pre-order it for $400 at authorized dealer Adorama.com. Your credit card will be charged after it ships. There is no shipping estimate at the moment. Orders will be sent out on a first-come first-served basis.

[DEAD] Thursday: 64GB iPod Touch 6th Generation for $270

This offer is so dead Best Buy yanked the page that carried them…

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Fry’s Weekly Promo Code: Fiio X3 II for $147, Blue MoFi for $190, AT ANC27X for $30

Fry’s is now doing most of their discounts through unique coupon codes each email subscriber receives when they sign-up (for free) for their emailing list. The promo code for this shopping week (February 19-25 in 2017) gets you the following items:

+ Audio Technica ATH-ANC27X ANC headphones for $30 (limit 2)
+ Fiio X3 II digital audio player for $147 (limit 1)
+ Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered Over-Ears for $190 (limit 1)
+ the above three offers are good either in-store or online

Unlocked at MD: Hidizs AP60 for $75; Cayin C5 DAC/Amp for $154

Two more products have blossomed into unlocked offers (such flowery language!) at members-only Massdrop. They have seven days to go from today (today = posting date), and are estimated to ship in late March 2017.

One is a digital audio player, the Hidizs AP60 is going for $75 with free shipping, which defeats the eBay and amazon prices of $89~.

Next up, yet another portable DAC/amp in an ever-growing market, it is the Cayin C5 DAC/Amp going for $150 plus $4 flat shipping. But the decision is closer here, because one eBay seller, EpiceSolutions (state of Washington) has it for $162.49 with free economy shipping.

Refurbished 8GB iPod Touch 4 for $56 [updated]

If you are a fan of 30-pin Apple devices, the good old iPod Touch, 4th generation, with 8B of on-board storage, is one of the A4C daily deals going for $56 with free shipping. It comes with a 90 day warranty from A4C (not Apple). This runs older versions of iOS and cannot be upgraded (it cannot handle the latest OS versions).

UPDATE: different model is now a daily deal

Used Fiio X1 (1st gen) for $58 to $64

The first generation Fiio X1 digital audio player is currently available in “Used – Acceptable” condition for $58 in the Gold color scheme and in “Used – Good” condition for $64 in Silver color scheme by Amazon Warehouse Deals.

The latest model is the second generation which has a regular price of $100 in new condition, while the first generation has a $80 regular price in new condition.

A “useful” Text & Pictures Unboxing has been posted here, and a review of it is in the pipeline.

[DEAD] Used Onkyo DP-X1 DAP for $450

As of 2/11/17 re-check, this option run out… The Onkyo DP-X1 digital audio player is available in “Used – Like New” condition by a marketplace seller, with the order fulfiled by Amazon, so you get free 2-day Prime shipping. This ships from a USA Amazon Warehouse…

On the other hand, if you prefer new condition and don’t object to waiting for a Japanese import, you can get it for $495 by J-Made thru Amazon. This ships directly from J-Made, so it will take a while to arrive unless you select a $fast$ shipping option…

8GB Sandisk Clip Jam DAP for $30

It’s unofficial DAP day today, but now we go to the budget end of the spectrum, the colorful (available in five different colors) 8GB Sandisk Clip Jam is on sale, in new condition, for $30 each, with a limit of up to three devices per color per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual. It has 8GB on-board storage plus a microSD slot. It plays DRM-free music formats, but also Audible DRM’ed (booo!) audiobooks.

It averages 3.6 out of 5 based on 1660+ customer reviews, and has over 550 questions answered by other shoppers over there. I haven’t used this one, so I can’t opine. My most “recent” Sandisk Clip is the good old “Clip Plus”. Speaking of which, of the three I had through the years, all three had their clip on the back break cleanly (even though I never used the clip – perhaps it atrophied), making them even lighter and thinner DAPs 🙂

Astell & Kern AK Jr DAP with Extras for $299

The 64GB Astell & Kern AK Jr digital audio player is bundling with two freebies (RCA cable, AC charger) for $299 with free shipping, sold by “ProStudio Sound & Music” with the order fulfilled by amazon.com making it Prime eligible… A couple of other sellers also offer it at the same price (without the two freebies) at amazon.com

This has 64GB on-board storage along with a single microSD slot that can take cards up to 200GB. It is powered by one Wolfson 8740 DAC, and supports Bluetooth, DSD, MQS, and a soup of other buzzwords 🙂

Pioneer XDP-100R-K Android DAP for $300

The Pioneer XDP-100R-K digital audio player is offered in new condition for $300 with free shipping by Electronics Expo (East Coast B&M retailer) thru NewEgg and also through NewEgg Flash. This DAP has both 32GB of internal storage, and two microSD slots (up to 200GB cards per slot). A variety of features, including a built-in speaker, and a 720p touchscreen. This is an Android-based device with Google Play support and a Snapdragon Krait 400 quad-core processor with Adreno 330.

[DEAD] MEE M6 PRO in-ears for $40, Shanling M5 for $382, Stones Mono Vinyl $257

These daily deals expired…

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Cayin N5 DAP for $268 [DAP]

Shipping in early February 2017, the Cayin N5 digital audio player is offered for $260 plus $8~ flat shipping at members-only Massdrop. The offer runs for the next seven days but there’s a very small number of units available. Then again, these are a niche within a niche, so they may not sell out before the offer’s expiration date.

They play up to DSD128, which is the magic number, because they can accept two microSD cards up to 128GB each. It doesn’t have any user-accessible internal music storage.

Colorfly C3 Digital Audio Player for $48 [MD] or $50 [Prime]

On the budget digital audio players front, Massdrop has fully unlocked the Colorfly C3 Digital Audio Player for $45 plus $3~ flat shipping. The offer runs for the next seven days and will ship in early February 2017, from Massdrop. It has 8GB on-board plus memory card slot.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can pay just $2~ more and get it in two days if you are a Prime member, ShenZhenAudio is offering it for $50 with free shipping with the orders fulfilled by Amazon.

Astell & Kern AK120 DAP (first gen) for $427 (NEW) or $306 (USED)

Never a dull moment on eBay, where Buydig is offering the new condition Astell & Kern AK120 DAP (first generation) for $427 with free shipping with a limit of five units per buyer. In addition to playing music, this can also serve as an external DAC. It can go up to 24/192, and supports MQS. It has 64GB storage on-board plus two microSD slots.

This eBay listing ended: On the other hand, if you are a more adventurous shopper, there is a used condition unit offered by eBay seller “thegearlessmachine” (99.7%, Alabama) for $299 plus $7 shipping. There’s only one unit available, this looks like a personal sale, with pictures of the actual unit, not stock photos.

Shanling M1 Square DAP for $129 [MD]

The underground resurgence of DAPs (digital audio players) is fascinating, and there’s a lot of diversity in the market, from the $20 Chinese OEM to the whole Fiio line-up, to four-figure flagships, and just about anything in between. Some of the DAPs are more square and boxy…

… which brings us to the small little thing that is the Shanling M1, unlocked at Massdrop for $129 with free shipping. Despite its size, the thickness holds DSD and Bluetooth 4.0 technology, but it can also be used as a USB DAC or even as a USB transport. Storage is a microSD slot (up to 256GB). It can go up to 24-bit 192kHz, and supports DSD64 and 128. Full specs on their website.

It is available in three color schemes, with the offer shipping in February 2017. It runs for the next six days.

[DEAD] SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player for $36

This daily deal expired… Another one of today’s lightning deals is now live, it is the new condition SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player, Yellow (model SDMX24-008G-G46Y) going for $36.42. The price before the sale was $44 last night. Offer ends around 9:15pm ET tonight (12/31/16).

[DEAD] 32GB Sony Walkman NWA26HNPM DAP for $254

This expired, but from what I recall, this is the second time this DAP was offered as a lightning deal in December, so if you missed it, fear not – if deal-history repeats itself, it may return…

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Refurbished 7th Generation 16GB iPod Nano for $80

One of the deals at All4Cellular (A4C) is the refurbished 7th Generation 16GB iPod Nano in black or blue color schemes offered for $80 with free shipping and a 90-day replacement warranty from the seller A4C (not Apple).

[DEAD] Audeze LCD-3 (Zebrano/Lambskin) + Fiio X5 II + iFi micro iDSD Black Label for $1945

This promotion ended… A bundle of three products is this offer, running until Boxing Day (12/26/16). It is the new condition Audeze LCD-3 planar magnetics (zebrano and lambskin) bundled with the second generation Fiio X5 digital audio player, and the iFi micro iDSD Black Label Edition DAC/amp, all together, without coupons and without rebates, going for $1945 with free at authorized dealer Adorama.com. Faster shipping options are available for an extra fee.

[DEAD] Sony NW-A26HNBM 32GB Walkman DAP for $254

These lightning deals expired…

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