Sony Walkman NW-ZA17-SLV DAP for $230 w/free S&H

Here comes another Sony offer at Guitar Center. This time it is the new condition Sony Walkman NW-ZA17-SLV digital audio player going for $230 with free shipping or store pickup.

Note that most sale items are not eligible for coupon code PRESDAY18 which is 15% off products priced $199 or higher. The discount is larger than the coupon percentage anyway.

TEAC HA-P90SD DAC/amp/DAP for $230 w/FS

The Guitar Center President’s Day sale is a gift that keeps on giving! In new condition, you can get the black color scheme of the TEAC HA-P90SD DAC/amp/DAP for $230 with free shipping or free ship to store (aka store pickup). No coupon is needed, the price you see is the price you pay during this promotion.

Colorfly C10 DAP for $180 w/free S&H [MD]

Some DAP (digital audio player) deep cuts (the music term, not a deep discount reference) action, running at members only but free to join Massdrop for the next four days and change is the new condition Colorfly C10 DAP for $180 with free US shipping. This is only available in the blue color scheme. It ships in late March from Massdrop with all sales final.

It has 32GB on-board storage plus a microSD slot. It is running on Linux, and it has a line-out jack, in addition to a 3.5mm headphone out. The DAC is a Cirrus CS4398.

I need to find my prehistoric 32MB (yes, megabyte) DAP and see how it does today. I believe it used AA or AAA, so it shouldn’t have built-in battery is dead issues 🙂

Phones as DAPs: LG G6+ with Quad DAC for $520 (Prime only)

Starting today (February 7 in 2018), Amazon is no longer selling their Prime Exclusive phones with Lockscreen and other Ads. Instead they are sold ad-free. Their prices went up by $20 since yesterday to counter the ad removal. Of audio interest, the LG G6+ with its Quad DAC and 128GB on-board storage is now going for $520 with free shipping. This is a US warranty model, unlocked, and working with US carriers. Only Prime members can buy them.

Phones as DAPs: LG V30 (Unlocked, USA Warranty) for $675; LG G6+ Prime Ads (128GB, Quad DAC too) for $500

From the “Phones as DAPs” department, especially if you are looking to get both a new phone and a new DAP, the new condition, factory unlocked, with USA warranty LG V30 is currently on sale for $675 with free shipping in the cloud silver color scheme at B&H Photo. You can also get a second year of warranty by registering the product online with LG.

Considering all the specs of this model, it can be used as a DAP long after it may be considered too old to be your main phone. The Quad DAC, 64GB onboard and microSD, Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, 18:9 (easier playlist management), 802.11ac, NFC, FM radio, IP68, Qi charging, are more than good enough to handle music streaming apps for many years to come.

LG G6+ for $500 with Prime Lockscreen Ads
If you want a Quad DAC, but prefer a slightly smaller screen and slightly smaller price, Amazon is offering the Prime exclusive LG G6+ for $500. You will get Amazon Lockscreen Offers and Ads, which is why you pay a lower price. The G6+ model has the quad DAC in the US version, with 128GB on-board storage, microSD, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 821, 18:9 screen, IP68, and so forth.

I haven’t used any of Amazon’s “Lockscreen Ads” phones/tablets, so I don’t know how annoying or helpful they can be [helpful if you are an Amazon bargain hunter]. The ads on the Kindle e-book readers are not annoying and occasionally useful [in finding deals], but e-ink screens limit the type of advertising, while smartphones have a lot more [annoying] ads options 🙂

Seller Refurbished LG V20 for $210
If you want an even better price, the LG V20 is offered seller refurbished for $210 with free shipping by eBay seller “Guarantee Cellular” (96.3%, Brooklyn) is Titan or Silver color schemes. This is a higher risk purchase, but they offer a 30 day guarantee. Still if you hate the idea of having to return something, you may want to avoid this. Over 480 units have been sold from this listing so far.

[DEAD] Trio Rhythm 2.8″ LCD DAP (4GB, Stylus) for $10 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired…

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Colorfly C10 Portable DAP for $180 w/FS [MD]

Back to the DAPs we go with another offer getting unlocked at Massdrop, and running for the next three days and change (from blog-posting date), it is the new condition Colorfly C10 Portable DAP going for $180 with free US shipping. This is only available in the blue color scheme.

The player is running Linux, uses the Cirrus CS4398 DAC, and is CNC-machined aluminum and red sandalwood which makes it look nice (at least in the pictures; I haven’t seen it in person). It has 32GB memory on-board plus a micro SD slot. It will ship from Massdrop in late February 2018 with all sales final.

A warranty card is included in the package, but it does specify any further details on the warranty (or lack there of). Massdrop would improve their credibility if they deterministically mentioned the warranty status of each drop. Consumers build trust and become customers for life when a seller is more open and forthcoming.

Xduoo X3 DAP for $76 w/free S&H [from China]

If you don’t mind waiting, or paying extra for faster shipping, GearBest is having a sale on the new condition XDuoo X3 digital audio players. The silver color schemes goes for $76, while the black color scheme goes for $80. With free slow shipping from China. The gold color scheme is not on sale.

Their button placement may be a unusual if you are used to the more symmetric digital audio players, so you may want to do some “usage visualations” to make sure you are okay with their positioning 🙂

Phones as DAPs: refurbished LG V20 for $230

From the “Phones as DAPs” department, especially if you want one for a big enough screen to watch music videos or music performances, eBay seller Guaranteeee Cellular is offering the seller refurbished LG V20 for $230 with free shipping and 30-day returns and a 60-day seller warranty.

It is available in two color schemes. This is the Verizon version with unlocked GSM. Check bands and such if you are planning to use it as a phone as well. Given the screen size and specs, you can also use it as an in-home/in-office mini-tablet.

Seller refurbished is a higher risk than manufacturer refurbished, as you rely on the seller to stand behind their work. That’s why the price is lower, so that’s a trade-off some are willing to make.

In addition to the praised DAC/Audio module, this has other music-playback friendly features, such as 64GB on-board plus microSD (up to 256GB), 4GB RAM, a previous generation flagship processor (so it won’t have problem using music/streaming apps for many years), 5.7-inch screen, etc.

PS: I have now began putting the “Phones as DAPs” under the Digital Audio Players category

Phones as DAPs: LG V30 (USA warranty, Unlocked) for $675

From the “Phones as DAPs” department, the well-regarded LG V30 is now on sale for $675 with free shipping, factory unlocked, with USA warranty at B&H Photo, a very reputable online and B&M dealer.

Of audio interest, in addition to the well-regarded DAC/amp, this has 4GB of RAM, 64GB of on-board storage, a Snapdragon 835, a microSD slot, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, 802.11ac, water/dust-proof, headphone jack, USB-C charging/connector, and more. All these means it will be able to keep up with music streaming apps for many years to come, and it has the latest Bluetooth version and fast Wifi.

xDuoo Nano D3 DAP for $75 w/free S&H [MD]

More action on the Massdrop front, the xDuoo Nano D3 digital audio player is unlocked for $75 with free shipping for the next four days and change. This will ship in early February 2018, with all sales final. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

This can play up to DSD 256, has a microSD slot (up to 256GB), a 2-inch IPS screen, 8GB on-board storage, and around 20 hours battery life.

XDuoo X3 Digital Audio Player for $85 [MD]

Another offer is now unlocked at members-only but free-to-join Massdrop. It is the new condition XDuoo X3 Digital Audio Player going for $85 with free USA shipping. The offer runs for the next four days and change from blog-posting time.

Three color choices are available at checkout. It will ship in late January 2018 from Massdrop and all sales are final.

If you don’t want to wait for that long, $100 will get it you faster, there is a fulfilled by Amazon seller, so Prime members get it in around two days.

Astell & Kern AK120 II DAP for $730

The new condition Astell & Kern AK120 II DAP (it’s a lot more than a DAP, but if something plays music, I file it under DAP) is currently on sale for $730 with free shipping at B&H Photo and also by a marketplace seller with the orders fulfilled by Amazon.

Astell & Kern AK100 II DAP for $479

A trio of “fulfilled by Amazon” sellers are offering the new condition Astell&Kern AK100 II DAP for $479 with free shipping, including “ProStudio Sound & Music” which is currently the featured marketplace seller on this offer.

Pay $249 for Hifiman HM700 DAP + RE-400 IEMs with Prime Credit Card, Get $50 Statement credit

There’s even a digital audio player (DAP) that’s participating in the Pay with Prime Credit Card promotion. If you are a Prime member paying for the order with one of the two official Prime credit card, you will receive 20% back as a statement credit. In this case, you pay $249 for the Hifiman HM700 DAP + RE-400 IEMs and after your monthly credit card statement closes, you will receive a $50~ statement credit. They have to be sold and shipped by Amazon proper.

This is a limited time offer, expiration date unknown. The offer is running while you see it mentioned on the individual product pages. If you don’t see it mentioned, it means it expired!!!

xDuoo Nano D3 Digital Audio Player for $75 to $80 w/FS

Another new offer has gone live (and fully unlocked) at Massdrop, it is the new condition xDuoo Nano D3 Digital Audio Player offered for $75 with free shipping in early January 2018. They will ship from Massdrop, and all sales are final.

Separately this is offered for $80 with free shipping by Penon Audio on eBAY, shipping from Hong Kong. Depending on where you are geographically, this may get to you a lot faster than Massdrop.

Fiio X1 II DAP for $85

It’s Fiio time! The second generation Fiio X1 digital audio player is on sale for $85 with free shipping at Adorama and also at B&H Photo.

I haven’t seen or used the second generation model, but we have here a text and pictures unboxing of the first generation X1 DAP which has settled on to $80 after the second generation model was released.

Cowon Plenue D 32GB DAP for $189

The black/gold color-scheme of the new condition Cowon Plenue D (32GB + microSD) digital audio player is on sale for $189 with free shipping by Jet Audio fulfilled by Amazon, and also by B&H Photo who has 140+ handpicked Black/Cyber doorbusters.

[DEAD] AGPTEK Bluetooth MP3 Player ROCKER V2 for $55

This Cyber Monday sale expired…

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[DEAD] AGPTEK A20BS 16GB MP3 Player for $28

This lightning deal expired…

Good until 1:05pm ET, it’s Chi-Fi DAP time, the new condition AGPTEK A20BS 16GB MP3 Player with FM Radio/Voice Recorder and microSD slot is a lightning deal for the very specific price of $27.91 with free shipping in your choice of black, blue or white color schemes. This averages 3.8 out of 5 based on 160+ customer reviews and has nearly 100 answered questions, so there’s definitely some interest in it! This too is part of a very busy Gold BOX.

8GB Sandisk Clip Jam for $25, Clip Sport for $30

Move over fancy DAPs! We are ready to kick out the jams now 😉 The new condition 8GB Sandisk Clip Sport is on sale, new condition, in many pastel-y colors, for $25 by Amazon actual. Limit up to three per color per customer.

If you are feeling more sporty, the 8GB Clip Sport is on sale for $30 with free shipping for all with the same limit of three per color per customer.

Also on sale is the Clip Sport Plus for $52 in new condition. All these sold by Amazon actual.

I am not familiar with the newer line-up of the Clips, but I have the older (classic) Clip and Clip Plus. They are all still working, and of all the clips of my three Clip+ models broke off cleanly (maybe because I never used the clips and they atrophied?) making them even smaller DAPs 🙂

TEAC HA-P90SD-R DAP, DAC/amp for $296

Another Prime-members only, the new condition TEAC HA-P90SD-R DAP, DAC/amp drops to $296 from $370 when you add it to the shopping cart thanks to 20% off automatic in-cart discount for Prime members. This has multiple audio inputs, and plays music from microSD as well, going up to DSD128. This is a red/black color scheme, with the Melisandre RED dominating.

[DEAD] 8GB FecPecu DAP (with microSD) for $20

These limited time offers expired…

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Refurbished 16GB iPod Nano (7th Gen) for $100

If you want to get a seventh generation iPad Nano without breaking the bank, eBay seller VIP Outlet (Arkansas) is offering the seller refurbished 16GB iPod Nano (7th Generation), model MKN02LL/A, for $100 with free shipping. It comes with a 90-day warranty from them, and a 30-day return policy. Limit up to five per customer.

Seller-refurbished is typically higher risk than manufacturer-refurbished which is typically factored in the prices.

The 7th generation Nano is the first to use the new Lightning connector. It also has a headphone jack, and supports bluetooth 4.0. For more on the Nanos, dig into Wikipedia.

HifiMan Mega Mini Media Player for $99 [three color options]

More action in the Hifiman eBay store, the more expensive Portable Music Players were too embarrassed of the lower price of this model to have it under their DAP category so instead they pushed it to the “Other” category. Yes, the Otherization of DAPs!

Okay, silliness aside, the new condition HifiMan Mega Mini Media Player is on sale for $99 with free shipping by the Hifiman official ebay store in your choice of silver or gold or gray color schemes.

This can take microSD cards (often called “TF” in Asian tech specs) up to 256GB, and can play up to DSD. They have a long product description over there on the eBay listing, including a Q&A that answers the question whether it “requires a break-in”. I’m afraid to say that the only way to properly break in audio equipment is to use $999 audio cables, play alternative whale songs and pink noise, while wearing the headphones upside down and singing opera. This is known!

[DEAD Popwoods DAP for $35, Symphonized Wood IEMs for $15.50

These lightning deals expired…

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[DEAD] Hidizs AP60 (2nd Generation) DAP sale

This lightning deal expired…

If you are up early tomorrow, per the Gold Box lightning deals schedule at Amazon, they will have a lightning deal offer starting at 6:09am ET on the new condition Hidizs AP60 (2nd Generation) digital audio player. The price before the sale is $130.

They play DSD, support bluetooth with apt-X, microSD slot up to 256GB, etc. They are available in five color schemes and average 3.6 out of 5 based on 18 customer reviews.

[DEAD] HIFI WALKER H2 Lossless Bluetooth DAP for $108

This lighting deal expired…

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XDuuo DAP 11.11 sales (ship from China)

Xduoo too is participating in the Gearbest sales. Four of their DAPs are currently on sale with free shipping from China, including their X2 DAP for $34, their X3 DAP for $76, the X10 HD for $120, and the X10T for $204. They also have their XD-05 DAC/amp going for $150.

Shanling H1 portable head-amp for $110 (ships from China)

Among the various Shanling options participating in the 11.11 festivities is the new condition Shanling H1 portable head-amp offered for $110~ with free shipping from China by the Bright Audio store through AliExpress.

There are also some 11.11 offers on their digital audio players including the M1, M2s, M3s, M5, and more.

[DEAD] Official Fiio Store 11.11 Specials at AliExpress: Fiio X DAP with IEMs or DAC/amp bundle

These Fiio 11.11 bundle sales expired…

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Refurbished 16GB iPod Touch (5th Generation) for $80

Good until 11/10/17 (or earlier if sold out), you can get the refurbished 16GB Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation for $80 with free shipping and a 90-day warranty by Altatec thru Rakuten after using coupon code ALT13 over there. This has a headphone jack and a lightning connector. The 4th generation iPod Touch was the last one with the 30-pin connector.

[DEAD] Open-box Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 DAP for $929

The eBay listing for this is over…

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[DEAD] RUIZU X50 Bluetooth MP3 Player for $19

This lightning deal expired…

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[DEAD] Used OPUS #1 MQA DAP for $195

The price went up as of 11/16/17 recheck…

If you are okay with used DAPs, the OPUS#1 MQA DAP is available in “Used – Acceptable” condition [no further details given] for $195~ [WAS 203~] with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals. The “Used – Like New” goes for $251~. There are no other used conditions in-between these two prices. It averages 3.7 out of 5 based on 15 customer reviews. Price updated here 11/2/17…