Unlocked at Massdrop: Woo Audio WA7/WA7d Fireflies for $816

Fully unlocked at Massdrop at the moment is the Woo Audio WA7 or WA7d Fireflies DAC and Tube Amp for $800 plus $20 flat shipping. The offer is good for about six days from today. This is the lowest price possible under this offer. At checkout you select whether you want the WA7 or the WA7d (Toslink digital input). You can also select which power supply to get. Keep in mind, as with most Massdrops, they take a while to ship. The estimate for this one is February 20+.

Massdrop: Cypher Labs, Fostex HP-A8C

Two new additions to Massdrop, neither one fully unlocked as of the time of writing, but they have seven days to go (from posting date). They are on the audiophile price range:

+ Fostex HP-A8C 32-bit DAC Headphone Amp as low as $957
+ Cypher Labs C6iem as low as $403 (NOTE: these are not custom IEMs – the model name may hint of that because of the “C” and “iem” being so close, but they are not custom).

Shipping soon: Schiit Modi 2 USB DAC for $127 (also: Modi for $90)

The brand new Schiit Modi 2 USB DAC is estimated to be delivered January 23-28, going for $119 plus $7.50 by Schiit Audio thru Amazon.com. It ships from Schiit, so not eligible for Prime benefits.

Meanwhile the first generation Modi, in new condition, is down to $90 with free shipping, fulfilled by Amazon.com (sold by Schiit).

Massdrop: unlocked xDuoo TA-01 (also STAX, Fidue, Mousai)

More action at the members-only but free-to-join Massdrop website. Of the latest offers, one is fully unlocked (lowest price possible), the xDuoo TA-01 DAC/Amp goes for $135 shipped (expires in five days from today). The items below are not fully unlocked as of the time of writing of this blog-post:

+ STAX SRS-3170 Electrostatic Earspeaker System (SR-307 Headphones plus SRM-323S Amplifier) as low $1010
+ Fidue A83 Hybrid IEM as low as $260
+ Mousai MSD192 DAC as low as $300

Fiio D03K DAC for $28 with free S&H

The Fiio D03K goes for $28 at Amazon.com but if you are not a Prime member or planning an order of $35+, you don’t get free shipping. However, if you just want the D03k and nothing else, it goes for $28 with free shipping at BuyDig.com.

Creative Sound Blaster E1 portable headphone amp for $33.50

The Creative Sound Blaster E1 portable headphone amp is currently on sale for $33.50 at Amazon.com by Amazon actual with the usual free shipping options (Prime or $35+ order). It averages 4.0 out of 5 based on 43 customer reviews and if you are curious about it, it has 12 questions peer-answered. This is competing with the likes of the Fiio E6 and such.

Massdrop: Yuin Pk3 Earbuds unlocked for $29

The Massdrop action continues, rain or shine it seems. Right now, fully unlocked as the Yuin Pk3 Earbuds going for $29 with free shipping (that’s the lowest price possible under their tiered system). Ends in about five days from today. Not fully unlocked, with a lowest price possible of $431 is the Little Dot MK IV SE Headphone Amplifier, which offers a choice of 110V or 220V during checkout.

[DEAD] Used HIFIMAN EF-2A head-amp for $112

As of 2/13/15 recheck, the used prices are higher…

The HIFIMAN EF-2A headphone amplifier is offered in “Used – Very Good” condition for just under $112 at Amazon Warehouse Deals by Audio Advisor. This is fulfilled by Amazon, so free 2-day Prime shipping for members. Please note quantities of used items are typically limited and it may sell out by the time you are reading this post.

Massdrop: Bravo V3 unlocked for $73 (also: AKG K812, Fiio X5)

In the land of the Massdrops, the Bravo V3 “naked” headphone amp is fully unlocked for $65 plus $8 flat shipping. This is the lowest price possible. Expires in about five days from today. A couple of other items are offered but not fully unlocked as of posting time, the AKG K812 flagship can go as low as $1080, while the FiiO X5 audiophile DAP can go as low as $300. Check their website for future updates on each individual offers. Unfortunately I cannot “babysit” individual offers throughout their lifecycle.

New at Massdrop: Topping, xDuoo, Ecci

A trio of new offers have “dropped” today at Massdrop (reminder: members only but free to join). None of them are “fully unlocked” (= lowest price possible) as of the time of writing:

+ ECCI PR300 MKII as low as $52
+ xDuoo UA-05 DAC/Amp as low as $188
+ Topping NX1 Headphone Amp as low as $36
+ all are limited time offers

10% off Sennheiser HD800 or HD700 with HDVD800/600 head-amp bundles

Amazon.com has a 10% off sale on the Sennheiser HD800/HD700 headphone and amplifier bundles. The HD800 flagship goes for $3000 with the HDVD800 or $2500 with the HDVA600. Meanwhile the “deputy” HD700 goes for $2350 and $1850 respectively.

Massdrop: RHA MA350 in-ears for $28 unlocked (and more)

Today’s round of Massdrop offers (members only but everyone can join for free) has one fully unlocked item, the RHA MA350 in-ears going for $28 with free shipping. The remaining items are not fully unlocked as of blog-posting time:

  • Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro as low as $155
  • MEElectronics Atlas Headphones as low as $33
  • CEntrance Mini-M8 DAC/Amp as low as $568
  • Grace Design m920 as low as $1406

There’s something internet-funny when you have a $1395 item with $11.06 shipping. Just round the price to $1400? 🙂

Massdrop Amp Day: Cayin C5, LEAR FSM-02V2

Two new related offers have gone up at Massdrop, both headphone amp-related. First up, the LEAR FSM-02V2 Headphone Amp has a lowest possible price of $286. Then, a bundle, the Cayin C5 Portable Amp plus ECCI PR100 MKII IEMs can go as low as $160. As of the time of writing, neither one is fully unlocked. Offers expire in about five days from blog-posting date.

[DEAD] Tue only: Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3 + Soundblaster E1 head-amp for $90 [updated]

This deal of the day expired…
[Read more…]

Massdrop: DarkVoice, ZY Cable and ECCI IEMs (fully unlocked at $22~)

A trio of new offers is up at members-only (but free to join) Massdrop.com, and one of them, is, as of the time of writing, fully unlocked, the ECCI PR100 Mark II IEMs go for $20 plus $2.39 shipping. The other two are not fully unlocked as of the time of writing: DarkVoice 336SE OTL Headphone Amp as low as $235 and the ZY Cable Sennheiser Replacement Cable as low as $60. Check their website for future updates – unfortunately I cannot “babysit” individual Massdrop offers.

Massdrop: CEntrance DACmini CX Amp/DAC as low as $410

New action at Massdrop (members only; free to join for everyone), it is the CEntrance DACmini CX Amp/DAC, with the lowest possible price being $410. It is at the halfway point of getting unlocked, with six days left. Check their website for future updates on this offer.

New at Massdrop: BeyerD DT990-250 Pro, xDuoo, etc

Yesterday launched a wave of new Massdrop offers, and today has even more. As of the time of writing, none of the ones below are fully unlocked (= lowest price possible):

+ Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 ohm as low as $180 (only 250 ohm participating)
+ xDuoo TA-02 Tube DAC/Amp as low as $90
+ Hidizs AP100 Portable HiFi Music Player as low as $230
+ Luxury & Precision LP5 Music Player as low as $700 (only 1 needed to unlock)

Lots of new Massdrop offers: Shure SE846, Firestone Stand (fully unlocked)

Massdrop (members only, free to join) has a burst of new offers added to their website. There are so many we break them down by fully unlocked and not. The status is as of blog-posting time. Check their website for future updates…

Fully Unlocked
+ Shure SE846 Reference IEM for $830
+ Firestone Audio Headphone Stand for $40

Not Fully Unlocked
+ Philips Fidelio L1 as low as $115
+ Ultrasone Pro 900 Headphones as low as $380
+ OSTRY KC06A Inner-Ear Earphones as low as $55
+ TTPOD T1S IEM as low as $33
+ Fidue A63 IEM as low as $42
+ Yulong U100 Audiophile DAC/Amplifier as low as $110 (close to fully unlocked!)
+ FiiO E17 Alpen Portable Amp/DAC as low as $113
+ Aune T1 MK2 Headphone Tube DAC/Amp Combo as low as $170
+ CEntrance HiFi-M8 XL4 Portable DAC/Amplifier as low as $560
+ Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier as low as $1205 (funny, they have $10 shipping on a $1200 item!)

Also, don’t forget the AKG K7XX limited edition special we mentioned yesterday. As of blog-posting time, over 1500 have been purchased. They have a limit of 2000 units for this drop!

[DEAD] Used FiiO D3 (D03K) for $20

This is no longer available used… If you want to save some, the FiiO D3 (D03K) is available in “Used Very Good” condition (may be repackaged) for around $20 at Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) sold by AWD, which is the only listing at the moment… It averages 4.4 out of 5 based on 67 customer reviews…

Massdrop: UE CIEMs, Ultrasone HFI 580, Astrotec, Mousai

In addition to the previously mentioned AKG K7xx Massdrop edition, the following offers went live today. None of the ones mentioned below are fully unlocked as of blog posting time:

+ Ultimate Ears Custom In-Ear Reference Monitors as low as $750
+ Ultrasone HFI 580 Headphones as low as $138
+ Astrotec Lyra Earbuds as low as $100
+ Mousai MSD192 DAC as low as $300