Braiwavz IEMs Grab Bag for $24 w/free S&H [MD]

If you like the level of unpredictability in “grab bags” and “loot boxes” and “mystery bags” and such, and you are interested in getting a Brainwavz earphone, Massdrop is back with a Brainwavz grab bag offer. It is currently fully unlocked and running for the next seven days or so (from blog-posting date).

You pay $24 with free shipping, and for that you are guaranteed to receive one earphone, selected randomly: either the Jive, or the S0, or the S3, or the B150, or the M100. About half of the people will get the S0.

You can buy up to four units. Every purchase is random, so you are not guaranteed to receive four different models. A total of 640 units are available for this offer. These will ship mid-January 2018, and all sales are final.

There are also four “prizes” if certain amounts of grab bags are sold. The prizes are the AKG K7XX and the Brainwavz B400 in-ears. These too are selected at random.