[DEAD] Brainwavz Memory Foam Earpads for $17.77

This lightning deal expired, but they are recurring these days, so they’ll likely return in a few days [other things equal of course]…

Running until 6:15pm ET tonight you can get the new condition Brainwavz Memory Foam Earpads for $17.77 in many colors! Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order. The price before the sale went live was $22.50 for each one.

OF the 11 colors, one is out of stock (unorderable), the “dark blue”. The other ten are all on sale for $17.77 each in various colorful options, from the modest to the loud! One of the ten is velour, the aptly named red velour.

You can buy one per color. I don’t know if there’s a limit of how many different colors one can buy during a lightning deal or whether you can come back later during the duration of a lightning deal and scoop up more.