Blog Update: Expired Deals Marked, Content Updates

One of the benefits of waking up early early early is that you can get more things done. I have now marked as Expired (by adding the [DEAD] in the post name and striking through or pushing behind the “jump” the text) lots of deals, including the craziness that was the eBay flash sale coupon along with various deals of the day and other assorted coupons. To make this easier to read and quickly scan for things of interest, when something expires, I push it at the end of the previous day time-wise. The benefit of this is that it creates a cluster of expired deals, followed by live/active/surviving deals, with the pattern repeating. It’s much easier to read this way than having DEAD and LIVE deals interleaved throughout the home page timeline.

On the content front, we have another text-and-pictures unboxing post, it is the Brainwavz memory foam earpads. If you are wondering why on earth post an earpad-unboxing post? Because some people want to see what’s actually included in the package before they buy. Or want to see the product with “real world” pictures instead of studio/marketing beauty shots. Or if someone is buying used or from forums or Craiglist, they can compare what the seller is offering versus what’s included. Also, silly as it sounds, the unboxing is the most objective part of an audio review 🙂

Meanwhile our “dueling banjos” smartphone lists continue to be updated. The recent twists in the smartphone market necessitated the creation of two lists:

+ Smartphones WITH a Headphone Jack with the brand new Oppo R15 flagship embracing the headphone jack

+ Smartphones WITHOUT the headphone jack (aka the Great Satans of the Audiophile World) 🙂