[DEAD] AmazonBasics Closed Over-Ears for $6~

As of 9/30/17 recheck, these are gone again, but apparently you can buy them through …AmazonFresh. They are still NOT edible 🙂

On the strictly utilitarian front, the closed-back over-ear AamzonBasics headphoones are back in-stock at amazon.com for the very specific price of $6.40 with a limit of three pairs per customer. Despite the low price, they are not an ADD-ON item, so Prime members can get them with free 2-day shipping without the need for that dreaded $25+ minimum.

They average 3.6 out of 5 based on 150+ customer reviews. Their design looks familiar but I don’t recall which headphones are their “cousins”.

Speaking of AmazonBasics, but much better reviewed are their Lightweight Closed On-Ears going for $11 in the black color scheme with up to three pairs per customer. These too are not Add-Ons, so a Prime membership gets them on your ears in a couple of days.