Audio Technica M40X + Slappa Hardbody Case for $79

The closed-back over-ear Audio Technica M40X (which had a counter-insurgency against the hype train of the M50X) is now down to $79 at a number of retailers (eg Musician’s Friend and Sweetwater), but you can do better, which is why you are reading this website 🙂

For the same price of $79, and with Prime shipping, you can also get the Slappa Hardbody PRO SL-HP-99 headphone case, sold by K&M Camera with the orders fulfilled by Amazon (thus the Prime shipping). The case is included automatically, you don’t have to do anything additional.

This SL-HP-99 case goes for $20 on its own, it’s not a throwaway freebie! This should not be confused with the more famous SL-HP-07 case which also goes for $20 on its own.