Advanced Sound Accessport Lightning DAC/Amp for $45 [MD]

A brand new offer has now unlocked at the members-only but free-to-join Massdrop. It is the new condition Advanced Sound Accessport Lightning DAC/Amp going for $45 with free US shipping for compatible Apple devices with Lightning ports.

The offer runs for the next eight days and change (from blog-posting date here), and will ship at the end of March from the vendor. All sales final. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

PS: an easy mnemonic to remember which Apple devices have the lightning port for iPhones and iPod Touches: FIVE is the magic number. iPhone 5 and later, iPod Touch 5 and later. With iPads, 4 is the magic number, iPad 4 (Retina) and later. But you don’t have to remember any numbers for newer iPad lines because all Minis, Airs and PROs have a lightning port.