Acoustic Research M200 DAP for $100 [MD]

The DAP market has more and more options competing, despite the avalanche of smartphones available in the market. Another $100 competitor in this field is the Acoustic Research M200, and it is currently offered at the Massdrop website for $100 with free US shipping. International shipping is under $15 for many countries.

The DAP offers balanced or unbalanced audio output and supports bluetooth with apt-X HD. It takes memory cards up to 256GB, and it is one of the new generation of USB-C charging ports…

In the cart, you have two optional additions: +$10 for a case (two color choices) and +$80 for the E10 in-ears to be added to your order. These are shown in the main product description so you don’t have to get into the shopping cart to see them…

The offer will ship in late May 2019 from Massdrop.

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