5 Pairs of Cosmos Earpads for Koss Porta Pros for $5

With their debut at Massdrop, the Koss Porta Pros are having yet another hype wave. If you are looking for additional earpads for them, the Cosmos branded set of five pairs of replacement earpads for the Koss Porta Pros and other assorted Koss headphones of similar size (list is in the product description over there) are on sale for $4.56 by a marketplace seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon. Thankfully it’s not an Add-On item, so Prime members get them with free 2-day shipping 🙂

They average 4.3 out of 5 based on almost 100 customer reviews.

CAUTION: some of the non-Prime sellers offering these with free shipping are shipping from China! Make sure you check who the seller is if it’s not Prime eligible. Unless you don’t mind waiting for weeks for them to arrive from China.