HifiMan Mega Mini Media Player for $99 [three color options]

More action in the Hifiman eBay store, the more expensive Portable Music Players were too embarrassed of the lower price of this model to have it under their DAP category so instead they pushed it to the “Other” category. Yes, the Otherization of DAPs!

Okay, silliness aside, the new condition HifiMan Mega Mini Media Player is on sale for $99 with free shipping by the Hifiman official ebay store in your choice of silver or gold or gray color schemes.

This can take microSD cards (often called “TF” in Asian tech specs) up to 256GB, and can play up to DSD. They have a long product description over there on the eBay listing, including a Q&A that answers the question whether it “requires a break-in”. I’m afraid to say that the only way to properly break in audio equipment is to use $999 audio cables, play alternative whale songs and pink noise, while wearing the headphones upside down and singing opera. This is known!