Archives for November 21, 2020

Philips SHP-9500 resurfaces at …Massdrop!

It’s the return of an old hype-darling as Philips is getting re-invigorated with its new masters. That’s right, the open-back over-ear wired Philips SHP-9500 is now on-offer at Massdrop for $70. This is the standard version, not a Massdrop customization. The offer runs for the next seven days [as of the time of writing] and it is expected to ship in early January 2021, so patience is definitely a virtue, and it obviously won’t get here/there before Christmas 🙂

Plenty has been written about this and its SHP-9500S cousin. Here we have a text and pictures un-boxing of the cousin, which is pictured below…

Sennheiser IE-60 arrive at Massdrop for $100

Joining the “$100 in-ears party” is a new entry at Massdrop, they have now began offering the new condition Sennheiser IE-60 IEMs for $100. This is the standard version of the earphone, not a Massdrop custom production.

This is not an in-stock drop. They are estimated to ship by mid-December 2020. They also need to reach the minimum purchase quantity to activate (six more sales needed as of the time of writing of this blog-post)…