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Wedn: Master & Dynamic MW07 TW sale [also SONOS 5]

The Wednesday 11/11/20 Best Buy deals du jour have a bit of an audio theme to them as the headliner is the SONOS 5 wireless Smart speaker going for $400…

Of truly-wireless interest, they have a Master and Dynamic sale that features:

+ MW-07 GO truly wireless for $160

+ MW07 PLUS truly wireless for $225 in four different color schemes

They Are Back: KOSS KSC-75X Massdrop X for $20

These are the best kept secret in the world of pragmatic audiophiles. Neither retailers, nor publishers of high-brow audiophilia want you to know how good these are because you may just stop paying attention to the four-figure stuff 😉

And “these” are back once again for ordering at Massdrop, just in time for the holidays, it’s the Massdrop X KOSS KSC-75X Clip-ONs going for a very down to earth price of $20 with free US shipping and returns, and discounted international shipping. They come with the usual Koss limited lifetime warranty.

One difference between these and the original KSC-75 is that the Massdrop edition has a utilitarian 1-button remote/mic for the smartphone/tablet/DAP users 🙂

This drop is in “pre-order status” with nine days left (as of the time of writing) and they are estimated to ship in late November 2020.

I’m going to jump onto this for sure (unless I forget like the previous time) because my trusty old KSC-75 (which I found on the clearance/trash-bin of an Office Depot (if I recall correctly)) [see text and pictures unboxing] has now become “mono” [only one side plays sound]…

This one you can HYPE HYPE HYPE without fear!

PS: this has the added benefit of not messing your hair (for those lucky enough to have hair that is) and it doesn’t put too much pressure on your head and jaw with prolonged use (eg some over-ears and on-ears) or doesn’t keep your ears sealed to the world for too many hours (eg in-ears)… These type of clip-ons and the classic earbuds are, in my humble opinion, the easiest on the ears, especially for prolonged use…

Seven Days Left: Hifiman HE-5XX Planars for $220

One of the Hype Headphones du jour at the moment is the open-back over-ear Hifiman HE-5XX planar-magnetic headphones and their listing at Massdrop has seven more days [as of the time of writing of this blog-post] before they begin shipping. They are currently in pre-order status. If you want to be among the first to have them on your non-planar head, you have seven days to decide!

They currently go for $220 with free US shipping and free US returns. International shoppers get discounted shipping and they have a 30-day return option, but the shipping cost on the return is on the shopper, not on Massdrop.

They come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. They are, as the name hints at, based on the Hifiman HE-500 series…

Hype, Hype, Hype!!! 😉

KZ Singles Day sales

I’m still in the KZ phase of Chi-fi and if you are too, they have plenty of sales with quick-processing (“ships within 24 hours” they claim) and sometimes some freebies (eg extra foam eartips) on various KZ in-ears at Ali Express. The link here points to a search for “KZ ZSN PRO” but you can use their search box or browse around to find your KZ models of interest…

On the other hand, if you prefer faster and less adventurous delivery, the prices are higher but not much higher at Amazon USA

This being singles day and all, it is a bit of a shocker how high the prices of some of the KZs are at Gear Best. Did they have some kind of a falling out? Did they cheat KZ by falling in love with another Chifi manufacturer? 🙂