Archives for September 9, 2020

Monoprice Headphone Sale includes Planars and DACs

Monoprice continues to march on with their headphone products and as such, they are having a limited-time headphone and earphone sale that features a soccer team [= eleven] products as follows:

+ Closed-Back Planar Magnetics: M565C for $175, M1060C for $270

+ Modern Retro closed over-ears for $23
+ may remind you heavily of Samson/Superlux 🙂
+ I have here a text and pictures unboxing of their semi-open cousin 🙂

+ Quintet (2 dynamic, 3 BA) wired in-ears for $50

+ two truly-wireless ($60 each) and two bluetooth over-ears ($34 and $60 each)

+ Monolith portable headphone DAC/amp with THX AAA for $270

+ Monolith balanced headphone amp for $375

+ Monolith desktop balanced DAC/amp for $450

And that’s it 🙂

Random Woot sale: ASTRO gaming, SoundCore bluetooths

These are not daily deals but longer running Woot deals until 9/21/20 at 11:59pm central time or earlier if they sell out [and they do sell-out earlier]. These being an Electronics Garage sale that includes:

+ five ASTRO gaming headsets

+ one SoundCore neckband and two truly-wireless bluetooth earphones

+ one SoundCore ANC/BT over-ears for $41

+ by the time I wrote this post, the AirPods sold-out…

Truly Wireless Wednesday: RHA, B&O and Jabra

Wednesday 9/9/20 [correct typing today on both sides of the Atlantic] brings us the return of two name-brand truly-wireless earphones at the Woot daily deals, good until 11:59pm central time [or earlier if they sell-out, or later if they resurface in other Woot deals]…

+ RHA TrueConnect truly-wireless for $60

+ Bang & Blame [oops, Olufsen, this is not an REM fanclub!] BEOplay E8 for $89

Also joining the truly-wireless party are the NewEgg daily deals which can’t seem to be able to get rid of the refurbished Jabra Elite Active 65t truly-wireless, now down for $40 with free US shipping…