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Master & Dynamic MW60 bluetooth over-ears for $297 to $350

Bluetooth headphones get a lot of hatorade by some in some of the audiophile online circles, but I suspect quite a few of those, deep in their audiophile caves, they use them for convenience and then bury them in their secret vaults when not in use so their fellow audiophiles do not catch them 😉

Which brings us to the Friday daily deals at Best Buy’s website where the new condition Master & Dynamic MW60 bluetooth over-ears are the headliner daily deal for $350 with free US shipping or free store pick-up where available and possible…

But that’s not all. It appears the price has been matched and slightly bested for a different color at The all-black goes for $340, the silver-brown goes for $347, while two of the $399 colors have a $50 off clip-on coupon dropping them to $349.

BUT WAIT, there’s an even lower price. The silver-red color scheme goes for $297, this too sold and shipped by Amazon actual and you can buy as many as you like. This color may be a bit of an acquired taste unless you are a red leather.

The color combo names you see are meta/leather. The first color is the color of the metal parts, and the second color is the color of the leather parts.

Note that this is a bluetooth 4.1 headphone with apt-X, so if you are a BT 5.0 or apt-X HD fan, this is not it. It promises a 16 hour battery life in the product description. It has tactile controls on the earcups and the earpads are removable. It also plays music via a conventional 3.5mm input and comes with cables and cable box and canvas pouch for the headphones.

They average 3.8 out of 5 based on 64 customer reviews. Per the product description, the rechargeable battery is LiPo (lithium polymer).

Just like other markets/industries, many of the traditional audio/audiophile brands were unprepared for the bluetooth avalanche and they are trying to play catch up now. As you can see at the top selling over-ears at, there are a lot of combo ANC/bluetooth over-ears in the top of the chart from brands with no audiophile history or tradition: Cowin, TaoTronics, MPOW, etc. Of name brand interest though, there’s Bose and Sony. In an era of cascading bad news for Sony electronics, their WH-1000X line of headphones has been a big hit with some claiming that it even defeats Bose on ANC, which is one of the main raisons d^etre for Bose.

Speaking of which, the Sony WH-1000X Mark III is currently on a summer kickoff special for $298 at and other authorized Sony USA dealers participating in this promotion. It comes with Alexa built-in, which I’m not sure if it’s a feature or a bug 🙂

Speaking of top sellers, did you know that Amazon also keeps a best selling list for Headphone Accessories?. Yes, we have arrived audiophool neighbors, when our accessories have their own best seller list, we made it 🙂

Okay, this post has gone out of control, all apologies for the never-ending rumbling 🙂